Sunday, February 14, 2016

MENA Report ( February 14 , 2016 ) Syria In Focus ( 1. Fog Of Allies - US Iraqi Allies fighting US Syrian Allies. 2. Peace Talk Updates - Different Perspectives. 3. Turkey Shells Kurdish Positions For A Second Day. 4. Saudis Send More Jets To Turkey - While Saying Ground Troop Deployment Decision To Be Decided By The US Led Coalition. 5. State Of Play In The Various Battlefields. 6. Odds & Ends - Updates At the Top . ) Iraq In Focus ( 1. Battlefield Reports -. 2. Anti-Isis updates. 3. Sunni vs Shi'a Divide Looms Large Now And Moving Forward. 3.US Coalition Updates. ) Libya In Focus - Disarray continues With Peace Process ( 1. Unity Gov't Talks Collapse , More Talks Scheduled. 2. Egypt / H O R Plotting A Plan B -Or Plan S By this Point .3. Isis Updates 3.Eastern Libya In focus ) Yemen In focus ( 1. Daily Carnage Thrust upon Civilians and Humanitarian Disaster. 2. Fuel Import Data. 3. Turkey and Saudi Items. )



US Iraqi Allies Fighting US Syrian Allies

Syrian Rebels: Ceasefire Deal Won't Work

Assad Welcomes Peace Talks, Says Goal Is to Retake Syria

After Ceasefire Deal, Rebels Report New Shipments of Missiles

Syria Truce Deal Makes Aid a Political Tool, Critics Say


/ forces enter the NW of Tal Rifaat and control some areas in the town.

says jets have no yet arrived at Incirlik

LATEST - PM Davutoğlu tells Germany’s Merkel that Turkey will continue to respond to YPG attacks in Syria

"There is no hope": Residents in Aleppo say world has abandoned them

Fighters of radical Islamist groups of Al Qaeda (Alnusra)&Ahrar backed by Turkey were captured by YPG&allies in Azaz

Despite Turkish army shelling in Efrîn canton, city of Efrîn is calm today. People have faith in the Kurdish YPG.

Syrian Kurds reject Turkish demands

Russian air strikes also heavily bombing targets in TelRifaat today. Opposition says YPG/SDF coordinating with Russia. YPG/SDF deny.

Despite continued Turkish shelling, SDF & Kurdish YPG now control strategic village of Ayn Daqnah, reports:

BREAKING — Obama told Putin over phone Russia must cease air campaign on moderate Syrian opposition: White House

The "Gates of hell" will be open in the coming months in Syria via

and r asking 2stop bombing n . Turkish artillery pounded Kurd's positions for the 2d time in 48h

wants US leadership, UN mandate and coordination with before safe passage to forces to

Road To World War III: Turkey Shells Syria For Second Day As Saudi Warplanes Arrive

Saudi troop deployment in Syria up to US-led coalition, foreign minister says - Reuters

Syrian opposition criticises ceasefire deal via

McCain slams Syria deal for empowering 'military aggression'

Hopes of a speedy end to the agony of Syria’s people are sadly misplaced, says

Update: Sources say Turkish raids on Syria’s PYD kill 35, wound 15

& friends declare Tell Rifaat a military zone as attempt to push into the city

Ahrar+allies attacking Enab and Meryamin villages in Afrin Canton with support of Turkish shelling. (ANHA)

Reports that / forces captured Ayn Daqnah , cutting the - road

: Turkey shells Kurdish militia in Syria as tensions mount

Very intense clashes at the western entrance of Tell Rifaat as with CAS capture a number of buildings in the outskirts

ISIS continues massive retreat as Syrian forces advance ...

Syrian Army retakes Jabal Rous and advances north to Kinsibba

Erdogan is eager for military intervention in , but will Turkish military acquiesce to his plans?

Arabia deploys more jets to

calls for withdrawal from 's border

artillery targets Menagh, Deir Jamal & Maraanaz while continues to clash with & friends outside of Tell Rifaat

The Turkey-Syria Map You Need to See . . . Turkey's 2nd Army Positions on Syrian Border

For Q: Air Force F-15 Eagles arrived at Air Base, this morning



54 Killed in Iraq as Forces Prepare to Storm Hit

Iraq Says Moving Troops, Preparing Offensive to Retake Mosul

Sunni Resentment Muddles Prospect of Reunifying Iraq After ISIS

China Rules Out Joining Anti-Terrorism Coalitions, Says Helping Iraq


sent forces to oversee led military exercise on the border, Army warns against border violations

U.S., allies conduct 27 strikes in Syria, Iraq against IS, U.S. military says


Very interesting choice regarding Defense Minister. Al-Burghuthi rather than Haftar , Let's see how that's received

Sources: new Libyan government includes three women

Sources: Libyan consensus government formed, it includes 13 ministers

France implores western partners to "act quickly" in Libya to vanquish IS threat.

's neighboring countries to meet in to push the political solution

's neighbors to meet in Tunis soon to discuss the situation in as Gov formation talks face collapse

- Munich Meeting on - western officials apparently disappointed, behind HoR/Agilah Saleh & possible move toward plan B.

Proposed cabinet being negotiated along regional lines; 5 ministers west, 4 east, 3 south, + 3 unassigned(+ 9 presidency).No women?

reports of constant presence of drones & unidentified fighter jets over - gearing up for potential air & ground attacks.

‘No time to lose’ to install unity government

ISIS uses Libya’s lawlessness to attract recruits, conduct training, and plot operations:

Approximately 20 hours and counting, Benghazi blackout continues ...

Eastern has become a sphere of influence for two entities - the army and the federalists - both are dominating forces in E .

Eastern candidates in the presidential council have both suspended participation in Gov formation sessions. They represent LNA &Feds.


2 killed, 15 wounded in Saudi-led strike on Yemen workshop Read on:

before and after 10 months of -backed bombings! Via

In January, 85% of estimated fuel needed for 1 month was imported to . Up from 15%.

Saudi says it intercepted Scud missile from Yemen

Red Cross delivers medical supplies to besieged in

Yemeni Army seizes strategic mountaintop from forces in