Friday, February 5, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views - Friday Evening Wrap Up ( February 5 , 2016 ) US ( 1. Non Farm Payrolls / Unemployment data / Employment Situation Report. 2. Trade Deficit Data. ) Europe ( 1. Greece Items Of Note. 2.Ukraine Political Crisis Threatens Western Aid. 3. Refugee/ Migration / Border Security. 4. UK- EU Talks Items . 5. NIRP News. 6. SNB Travails. 7. Portugal In focus. ) MENA ( 1. Syria Battlefront Items. 2. Libya In Focus. ) Asia ( 1. China Starts New Year Holiday - Amid Some Ominous tidings. 2. Japan Items Of Note . 3. Taiwan Earthquake Items. )


US- Non Farm Payrolls & Employment Situation

70% Of Jobs Added In January Were Minimum Wage Waiters And Retail Workers

January Payrolls Miss Big, Adding Only 151,000 Jobs, But Hourly Wages Jump

U.S. unemployment rate fell to 4.9% in January, lowest level in 8 years. But job creation slowed to 151,000 jobs.

November and December were revised net lower by 105K jobs

U.S. non oil exports shrank 4.8% in 2015, non oil trade deficit surged 22% to $654bn

US trade deficit grows 4.6% in 2015

Europe ......

Members of the Greek Police Force Show Their Anger Outside Maximos Mansion

EU Commissioner Avramopoulos: ‘No Country Is Threatened with Schengen Suspension’

After Port, China's eyes Greek trains to build Europe hub-sources via

Why pensions are the new flashpoint in Greece's crisis
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Power struggle in Kyiv puts government in crisis
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'[T]errorists... have slipped in camouflaged or disguised as refugees,' says 's intel head

Scuffles break out over construction of migrant center on Greek island of Kos

aims to create new application centers to handle over 1m requests in 2016
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Germany’s Merkel to pay snap visit to Ankara

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Refugee crisis a 'European problem,' Tsipras tells German, French ministers

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Shultz speaks on Europe's need to stick tight -but also suggests to UK-you want to leave , exit door is to the left.

Portugal just avoided becoming the first eurozone country to have its budget rejected by Brussels - barely

EU Commission urges to take extra measures to cut deficit. Without extra measures Portugal budget risks non-compliance w/ EU rules

Schrödinger's budget, Portugal edition: both in compliance and not in compliance with the SGP.

| 's assessment of budget + recommendations:
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Road to ruin: reserves reach all time high at CHF 575.4bn in Jan from CHF 559.5bn in Dec mainly due to weak CHF
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Negative is the new normal: 2y govt bond yields of 11 members trade below ZERO.

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Video Shows Tens Of Thousands Massing At Turkey Border As Russia, Iran Bear Down On Key Syrian City

Govt source: Ankara isn't preparing to invade Northern Syria via

'nother wall going up in the middle east: Iraq builds wall and trench around Baghdad to stop militant attacks

Governor says Kirkuk should be included in the planned Kurdish independence referendum. Read the interview on Rudaw

Isis moving from Iraq and Syria to Libya.

Iraq's top Shi'ite cleric suspends weekly political sermons - MIDEAST via Frustration w/ political process ?

A guide to who is fighting who in Syria's flashpoint city of Aleppo via

Campaign for . regime+allies trying to expel oppo from core terrain on coast.

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Map Shows Military Situation In North After Army Control & .

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NEW. The Campaign for . Heavy support to attack “uniquely vulnerable” city.

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Long and very fruitful meeting today in Shahat with the President of the House of Representatives Mr. Agila Saleh

Update: I'm told Prez. Council meetings on cabinet proposal still ongoing & announcement on proposal expected Sunday

GNA offers new cabinet. Recognised parliament (HOR) needs to vote on it + constitution change by Sunday.

US Defense Sec is meeting more than 2 dozen defense ministers in Brussels next week to discuss the way ahead in fighting globally

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Building collapses in south Taiwan's Tainan county after M6.7 earthquake hits nearby

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: Many people are said trapped in debris shouting for help after buildings collapsed in
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URGENT: Power outages reported in many areas after quake hit ,

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Satellite images show arrival of fuel trucks at North Korea launch site: think tank


HK Chinese New Year Fair, Victoria Park. Crowded ...

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's bear market digs in as stock pessimists crash BoJ party.

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FX reserves shrank by $513bn last yr, reversing 2decades trend. The cost of outflows.

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