Thursday, February 4, 2016

Asia & MENA Report ( February 4, 2016 ) 1. Japan Updates Of Note - Recession looming / JGB 10 Year "NIPPING " ? NIRP Hitting Money Market Orders . 2. China Updates For Thursday & Friday - Financial Sphere Coming Underdone / Getting Away For New Years Celebration Just in Time . 3. Syria In Focus - Without Doubt , Three Headed Combination Of Russia Airstrikes / Revitalized SAA & Allied Ground Forces - Hezbollah & Militias Grinding Up Syrian Opposition. 4. Libya Items Of the Day - Strange , Stranger , Strangest Yet Libya Political Situation Continues. Waiting For When Will There Be A Fourth Gov't . 5. Odds & Ends.

Evening Wrap .......


Japan’s Recession Chances Highest Since Dec. 2012: BBG. Hasn't Japan been in three recessions since 2012?

Yield on Japan’s 10-year govt bonds drops 1.5 bps to 0.035%. Let's do this Peter Panic

Nomura Asset Management Suspends Money Market Funds Orders on BOJ Neg. Rates: BBG

Kyle Bass Asks If China Is Fine, Why Are They Worried About "Some Hedge Fund Manager In Texas"

More "P"onzi-2-"P"onzi Blowups "Just A Matter Of Time" In China, Experts Warn

China's Jan FX reserves update this weekend may set the risk tone for months to come

World's Biggest Containership "Hard Aground" As Baltic Dry Crashes Below 300 For First Time Ever

32 elderly bridge players arrested in Thailand for owning too many cards

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So , Japan's Banks are just supposed to just get hammered by NIRP ?

Jan securities houses revenue -78%, net profit -91% MoM. Citic Securities the worst, loss 600 mln RMB. What a great start 2016 !!

Headline game strong WSJ

Largest Chongqing P2P financing platform- Yi Jiu Financial Services, may face default risks (after Ezubao) after victims emerged



In Opinion: Syrian forces are poised to take control of Aleppo city

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Guardian front page, Friday 5 February 2016: Fears over refugee exodus as Aleppo hovers on the brink

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Jabhat al-Nusra has returned to

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Syrian Army captures Mayir and Kafr Naya in new northern Aleppo offensive – Map update 

Walls and watchtowers rise as tries to seal border against

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Headline -Turkey's refugee cost to date.10 BN for refugees in camps .20 BN more needed for refugees outside camps


The west previously questioned&discounted Libyan estimates of approximately 3,000 Daesh fighters (before the surge)

Simple, why many support Haftar in E ? Why many support al-Qaeda affiliated DMSC in ? Coz they did something others couldn't.

False info being spread by Libyan news channels. Libyan Army NOT involved in clashes in the South East.

Reports that the GNA will soon announce its newly formed government which consists of no more than 12 ministers

Long queues at Al-Wahda bank in Khums & Bayda. Civilians are having tough times receiving their salaries.

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US considering air strikes and special forces to battle ISIS in Libya - New York Times

EU Parliament to vote on recognizing 's unity government as the sole legitimate governing body in the country

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A government in exile, a govt in transit, a govt as caravan: 

What exists of 's unity govt till now relocates from Tunis to Morocco