Saturday, February 6, 2016

MENA Report ( February 6 , 2016 ) Iraq In Focus ( 1. Kurds fear being used once again. 2. Civilian toll across Iraq rises. 3. Iraq's Sistini suspends weekly political sermons ) Syria In Focus ( 1. Numerous items touching on state of play on battlefield. 2. Items touching upon Geneva Talks. 3. Syria Kurds a wildcard. 4. Refugee crisis to worsen based upon rapid advances of SAA , Aleppo a huge key on inflows to Europe. 5. Bahrain , Turkey , Saudi intentions re : Syria - another wildcard.) Libya In Focus (1. Political Talks on formation of Unity Gov't in focus . 2 State of play on the ground - country-wide. 3. ISIS in Libya. 4. Oil. 5. Odds & Ends. ) Iran In Focus ( 1. Items of interest - the post - sanctions world for Iran. )


Iraqi Kurds Fear Being Used as Cannon Fodder

Syrian Army Captures Town Near Jordan Border

Heavy Clashes in Southeast Libya, 30 Killed

Afghan Taliban Close Ranks Around New Leader

Civilian Casualties in Turkish Airstrikes as 174 Are Killed Across Iraq

Recent Syrian Gains in Aleppo Could Make ISIS a Target

Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Suspends Weekly Political Sermons

20,000 Syrians Flee to Turkish Border as New Humanitarian Disaster Unfolds

Bahrain Says Ready to Commit Ground Forces to Syria

Saudi Arabia Offers Up Ground Troops for Syrian Civil War, if US Will Support Them

Russia Says It Will Offer New Ideas to Restart Syria Talks

US Planes Deliver Military Equipment to Syrian Kurdistan

Canada Lifts Economic Sanctions Against Tehran After Nuclear Deal

In Iran, State-Backed Companies Win From Lifted Sanctions

Turkish Court to Seek Life Without Parole for Prominent Journalists


forces enter rebel heartland in northern via

's most advanced jet in on round-the-clock alert
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If accurate , this should cause high anxiety among HNC/ GCC , Western Gov't supporting Syrian Opposition.

Government troops launch huge offensive at city - Map update via

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They already denied it. Committed to fighting terrorism but no ground troops for Syria

Regime has indeed resumed south of Jisr al-Shughur, Sirmaniya was reportedly seized by Assad's forces

EU pays Turkey to stop Syrian refugees reaching EU but calls on Turkey 2 take in more itself

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Syria signals no ceasefire before borders with Turkey, Jordan shut

: Turkish FM says - border still open, up to 55,000 people on their way

Damascus: Ground Operation in Syria Without State Approval 'Aggression': via

: Arabia has ‘no courage’ to send troops to
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Merkel says must take in directly from via
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I'm not convinced KSA and Turkey won't escalate after rgm Aleppo offensive and Geneva failure...

Is Preparing the /n Army to Repel Any Turkish Incursion via

Update - Governor of Turkey's Kilis province: "our doors are not closed but at the moment there is no need to take in Syrians along border"

Important detail: Almost 100% of fleeing Syrians are pro-Turkey Turkmens & pro-opposition Sunnis.

Insurgent's "Southern Front" is crumbling: reports that forces captured town near city.

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Army & Allied Fighters Captured Town, Massive Operation Continue In .

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leader's sister-in-law in a Kurdish prison. Caught on a suicide mission. Duaa Amid Ibrahim is 24. PhotoFoxNews

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Iraqi PM rejects idea of building security wall around Baghdad

EU a Powderkeg:20 yr old Iraqi migrant rapes 10yr old boy at a pool in Vienna.Police respond w/political undertones.

6 Feb 2016- - Shelves are empty, baby powder/food scarce, rationing ,/ basic staple

Iraq War cost for US rapidly heading towards 3 trillion dollars, as Joe Stiglitz predicted.

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SAS heroes blown up in ambush on top secret mission in
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“There was no food & now there is no more fuel. Our beloved Sirte has become a ghost town”
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Recognised parliament (Tobruk) House of Representatives meeting Monday to consider UN-brokered unity government plan + cabinet.

UN envoy calls on recognised parliament (Tobruk) to sign unity government plan

denied right to vote at the UN due to unpaid debts, a minimum $1.4m payment required

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Despite urgency, hurdles to quick action against

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Renewed clashes in South Eastern between the Libyan army and Sudan Liberation Movement militants.

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The Pitfalls of Opening a Libyan Front against ISIL

- chances to approve the next GNA cabinet are good given a couple of developments. 1- dropping article 8. 2- Serraj meeting Haftar.

- state of alert declared in due to info about potential attacks by against targets in the city v