Saturday, February 20, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( February 20 , 2016 ) Europe In Focus ( 1. UK Referendum Set For June 23 , 2016 - Items Of The Day , Some Points Of View From Both Perspectives . 2. Spanish Political Updates - After UK-EU Deal Paves Way For UK Referendum On June 23rd , Will Spain Have New Elections On Same Date ? Rajoy Caught Discussing Possible New Election On June 23rd 3. Tsipras Speaks Before Parliaments , Other Items Of Note touching On Greece . 4.Ukraine Items Of Interest - Look Back At Euro Maidan , Look At Present Government. )


The UK's referendum on its membership of the EU will take place on 23 June, the prime minister has confirmed.

Cameron sets date for UK’s EU referendum

Referendum date is June 23. British expats who have lived abroad for less that 15yrs can vote. Here is how:

Michael Gove's 1,500 essay on why he wants Britain to leave the EU

Michael Gove is the leader the ‘leave’ campaign needs, says Emily Hill

EU referendum: This is where each cabinet minister stands

Regarding "sovereignty"Leaders are making a promise which they are not in a position to make/ w/ no means to enforce

EU Referendum: papering over the lies - a campaign built on lies ... .

The British Chambers of Commerce () position on deal.

So 17 full cabinet members back Remain; 5 back Leave. Of those attending cabinet 7 Remain, 1 Leave. Leave threadbare unless it gets Boris

TheCityUK Responds To Confirmation Of UK-EU Referendum Date

Cool headed case for leaving the EU from the admirable with more at

Bombshell as Scottish-born Tory MP backs independence!

Update: Six Cabinet Ministers announce support for Brexit at Vote Leave HQ

. photocall: Whitto, Villiers, Gove, Grayling, IDS and Priti Patel

Jeremy Corbyn says he will not campaign with David Cameron to support EU membership

Jeremy Corbyn says he will not sanction party MPs who support Brexit campaign

Why we should stay in EU but not big up Cameron’s deal. My still valid piece from two weeks ago

Citi: We believe that rallies in rallies in GBP should be sold as the deal does not have broad support at home.

Citi:Risk for GBP continues to remain high. Pos effect can easily be wiped away if out camp gains additional members

Citi: We may see politicians jumping to the out camp as Gove did. Boris Johnson may play a significant role.

Good morning from Berlin where EU deal is hailed as "fair." We’ve handed Cameron a package that he can sell in Great Britain," Merkel says.

•No new treaty •No powers back •ECJ still in charge •£350 million a week to Brussels And this is how Eurocrats treat us *before* we vote.


Acting PM Rajoy talks of new Spanish election date

Rajoy says he "gets the feeling Sánchez hasn't wanted to talk to us" about the "reasonable and sensible" PP-PSOE-Ciudadanos coalition option

Greece ......

gov't considers 3% levy on main pensions >€1,000 & supplementary pensions >€150 w/ est cost savings of €250-300 mln (via )

Borders will not close, insists Tsipras after talks

Greek PM Tsipras says decision for NATO operation in the Aegean ends blame game against .

Greek PM Tsipras says decision for NATO operation in the Aegean ends blame game against .

: The agreement with ensures our sovereign rights, and puts an end in the existing blame game.


Samaras govt rejected in 2012 an offer by Northrhine-Westfalia fed state to get access to Greek UBS accnts.

While some euro-crisis countries kept business taxes low, Greece did not

over 11,000 -bound migrants/ refugees arrived from Turkey 16/17/18 February, say officials here.

to ask for increased parliamentary majority vote on debt relief and attached conditionality ~Agora

plan for debt relief sees gradual lowering of interest rates, extension of maturities ~Agora

Fall in Greek industrial turnover slows to 1.8 pct in December

Bonds / Banks /  Monetary Policy

German Bonds on best run in a year as 10y Bund yields in lockstep w/ inflation expectations.

Doom loop: 's 5y default probability trades in tandem w/ Deutsche Bank's as banks remains too big too fail.


A few fires are being lit on 's square. Some say they will spend night there in new anti-govt protest.

UKRAINE: Reports that approximately 50 people in camouflage clothing have taken over a hotel near Maidan Square in Kyiv.

Ukraine: Right-wing protesters wreck Russian Alfa-Bank in ...

1 hour ago - Uploaded by Ruptly TV
A group of right-wing nationalist protesters attacked a branch of the Russian AlfaBank in Kiev, Saturday ...

Russia may supply gas through Ukraine even after Nord Stream 2 is commissioned — minister

People remember as Beams of Dignity light up: Check out photogallery:

From the archives: Fallen heroes of EuroMaidan Revolution


In new documentary, protester says he shot and killed two police officers

Yevhen Bystrytsky: ​What does a 'technocratic ' mean?

Geoffrey R. Pyatt: Making good on the promise of

investigations, already showing no progress, could stop on March 1

Crisis heats up