Saturday, February 20, 2016

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US Rejects Turk Demand to Cut Ties With Kurds

Turkey: US Arming ISIS Alongside Syrian Kurds

Syrian Kurds Seize ISIS Town of Shahdadi

US, France Reject Russia-UN Call for Turkey to End Border Strikes

US Has Not Supplied Arms to Syrian Kurdish YPG: State Dept

Saudi Minister Says Syrian Rebels Should Get Surface-to-Air Missiles

Turkey's Erdogan Says Saddened by US Arming of Syrian Kurdish Militia


Syrian Army closes on Latakia-Idlib border via

’cancels’ Arab League Summit

NATO cannot allow itself to be pulled into a military escalation w Russia b/c of recent tensions betw Russia&Turkey,

Around 70,000 people are on the move in south Syria, driven out by Russian air strikes

U.S. quietly tells Russia where American special forces are located inside via

American Foreign Policy "Own goal " - American proxies are now at war with each other in Syria.

Reports that closed the pocket in eastern countryside. forces now rep. under siege.

Map North and East 20/2/16. take Power Plant and complete encirclement HD

ISIS TRAPPED after SAA took *Balat, *Balat silos, *Za'alanah, *Um Turaykiyah. *Aleppo thermal station also LIBERATED


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Iraqi Tribesmen Clash With ISIS in Fallujah

Possible Uprising Begins in Falluja; 41 Killed in Iraq


The Iraq War will have cost the US over $2.4 trillion by 2017, according to the Congressional Budget Office.

PM Al-Abadi addressed Parliament to make the case for a ministerial reshuffle and outline his economic reform plan

In 2003, made the claim against the war in Iraq. Today his words ring out

Iraq tribesmen battle IS inside Fallujah for second day

5,000 jihadists 'have returned to Europe after training with ISIS in Iraq and Syria'



New Kurdish Militant Group Claims Credit for Turkey Bombing

Kurdish Militant Attack Kills Three Turkish Security Force Members: Army


A Furious Turkey Says US Is "Acting Like An Enemy," Demands Washington Brand Kurds "Terrorists"

Cancellation of mini-summit likely to complicate efforts by 's to seal deal with .

58,000 Syrians from have no place to turn. MUST open its borders.

Turkey to adopt new security measures nationwide after deadly bomb attack

LIVE - Erdoğan: Turkey reserves the right to launch all kinds of operations when it finds necessary; won't allow terror to impose its agenda

BREAKING: Davutoglu: We expect our allies to stand by us when is attacked

LIVE - PM Davutoğlu says he expects the US to be in cooperation with Turkey without “if” and “buts”

LIVE - PM Davutoğlu: TAK group claimed the responsibility of Ankara attack to divert the attention from PYD/YPG



US Warplanes Hit Militants in Libya, 43 Dead

Libya: America's First, and Latest, Target


: View this morning from the frontline in 's Laythi where weapons fire came from "all directions"

Libyan PM-designate presents new line-up to parliament

Libya 's HOR says calls for help to stop Daesh's proliferation fell on deaf ears,denies prior knowledge of airstrike

Reports of heavy shelling near 's Pepsi factory area

's internationally recognized Gov statement says it condemns the airstrikes for lack of coordination/knowledge about the airstrikes.

's internationally recognized Gov in Badya welcome any international help in fight against terrorism, but condemns US airstrikes.

- during a meeting with commanders in . Gen. Haftar made a new declaration about liberating Benghazi. Heavy clashes today.

Parliament session to discuss unity govt suspended until 10 o'clock tomorrow.

Eye witness reports of tanks out in the streets of . Souq al Nemla and Madheya area.

U.S. Pentagon confirmed that Libyan authorities were aware of the operation in .

Times reports Sabratha strike was by two US F15s based UK RAF Lakenheath (subscription)

Serbian embassy officials held hostage by Daesh also killed in U.S. Airstrike

Foreign Minister Ivica Dačić says two embassy staff killed in US strike on jihadists in Libya

Some of the complexities of decision due Tuesday on unity government vote.



Massive Rally Held in Yemen Against Saudi Attacks

UN: Yemen on Brink of Humanitarian Catastrophe


Weekend reading: warns of 's expansion in

Saudi coalition in Yemen is using internationally banned cluster bombs supplied by the US

Al-Qaeda seize southern town

BREAKING: Yemeni resistance commander Sheikh Mazen al-Aghrabi assassinated in Aden.

Taizz city, has been centre of intense fighting – aid has reached cut off civilians


US May Soon Break Iran Taboo With New Military Discussions

Oh, Nuts! US Pistachio Growers Worry About Competition From Iran


Syrian army, backed by Russia, Iran and Hezbollah, retakes 18 villages from ISIS near Aleppo

Iran to export 60k bpd of oil to Greece

"Iran – which has a sectarian outlook - must leave Syria so that Syrians can enjoy peace"

Iran says managed to increase its oil exports by 500,000 bpd, seeks to increase production by 700,000 bpd - Shana news agency

Iran slams Turkey's no-fly zone initiative over Syria

Lebanon has been effectively in 's column for some time, now apparently unchallenged.

Iran seeks $45B in foreign investment

The first Airbus A350 that Iran bought after the lifting of sanctions landed in Tehran today:

An economic roadmap of 's future. Find out more in our new report:

Anti-money laundering body urges scrutiny of ,

offers nuclear cooperation with

Despite their trading of barbed comments, Turkey and Iran also trade $14 billion of goods

Lebanon’s defense minister looks to Iran after Riyadh halts military aid