Thursday, February 18, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( February 18 , 2016 ) Europe In Focus ( 1. EUCO - First Day Of Key Summit - UK-- EU Negotiations & Migration In Focus. 2.Greece Items For Thursday - Refugee Situation , Condemnation of Ankara Attack , Troika Matters . 3. Spanish Political Items of The day - Rajoy Bumble Admission New Elections Likely June 26 , 2016. 4. Global Odds & Ends. )

Europe .....

European Council - February 2016 - European Council - February 2016 Press statements by Donald TUSK

Brexit - Belgian PM 'v determined' on sovereignty,him & Lux PM 'particularly firm' on euro-outs, Merkel concern free movement: French diplo

Cameron demands 13-year ban on EU migrant benefits at summit –

Swedish PM Löfven claims EU leaders agree on no right for refugees to seek asylum in EU country of their own choice.

Tusk's remarks after first day of

. and will hold together bilateral meetings with , and .

PM Rajoy tells journalists he is confident a deal on the UK will be reached tomorrow. /via

First bilateral this night with PM and on new settlement

Turkey builds first 2-story container refugee camp

- EU's Tusk says 'some progress but a lot needs to be done' after first night of talks

's Faymann: Next will be earlier, 7, 8 or 9 of March, including Mini-summit with . /via

Very strong wording by 's Avramopoulos to 's Faymann.

Austria sticks to migrant cap decision, despite pressure in to delay. Merkel says some were surprised by it. Downplays clash.

Working dinner finished. conclusions on adopted

Hence delays

‘I need this or it will be suicide,’ Cameron told

It's 1.45am and it's snowing

Working dinner on refugee crisis has now lasted longer than the discussion of the U.K.-EU renegotiation

word on the council carpet: sherpas will work through night until 5am breakfast while leaders will reconvene for brunch

talks looking tougher than expected on . I'd say balance still leaning towards deal at this meet but less likely than at outset

proves to be harder than expected. Many small nationalisms & egos. Everyone wants to leave the Summit w a present for his home crowd.

Rumors from the say that a super important country might ask for an extraordinary Summit specifically for migration in 15 days.

UK reportedly wants emergency brake on access to welfare to last 13 years (7+3+3). Central & Eastern EU countries say no more than 5.

: Each EU MS should ask themselves, "who are we alone." Need to stick together to face global challenges.

: We are not a multi-currency union.

Aaargh - 'If needed, negotiations will go into Saturday', Schulz tells

EUCO President Tusk defines Summit as " Make or Break "


Serious discussion at over financing for in . Risk of humanitarian crisis while coffers are empty.

Greece says it can now register all migrants.

Wary on Turkey, EU prepares for refugee crisis in Greece

Greece condemns ‘heinous attack’ in Ankara

Eurogroup President Asks Greece to Accept Deeper Pension Cuts and Create a New Privatization Fund

Could Greece be fenced off from the rest of Europe? reports

Closing Borders to the Balkans Would Trigger a ‘Major Humanitarian Crisis’ in Greece, Says Minister Mouzalas

More than 2,800 vehicles stuck on Greek-Bulgarian border


New Spain elections 'most likely' in June, says prime minister

Spain's Podemos agrees to talk with Socialists, breaking deadlock

Curse of Cameron - Spain's Rajoy caught on open mic telling UK PM new Spanish elex likely on June 26 (three days after poss )

Odds & Ends .....

poised for best month in 4yrs on fears of a fresh banking crisis.

A "Baffled" Bank Of Japan Is Shocked By Its "Message Of Despair"


Why The Chinese Yuan Will Lose 30% Of Its Value

Another step towards interest rate liberalization- PBoC adopts daily open market operations, finessing rate corridor

Desperate ruling Coalition grasps straws..


The EU is banning the 500-euro 'Bin Laden' bill to try and stop terrorists

US banks take pain. Euro banks don't.