Monday, February 1, 2016

Economic News , Data & Views ( February 1, 2016 ) MENA Watch For Monday ( 1. Syria Talks In Focus. 2. Libya Political Situation & Battlefield Updates. 3. Refugee / Economic Migration 4. Zika Virus Updates 5. Oil. 6.Iran has 100 BN In Assets Released . 7. Odds & Ends. ) Europe In Focus For Monday ( 1. Merkel In Middle - Refugee Scheme Vs Populism / Conservative Backlash At Home. 2. Spanish Political Updates - Lots Of Posturing , Still No Gov't . 3 Brexit - UK- EU Talks Kabuki . 4.. Greece Items Of Note . 6. Odds & Ends ) Asia In Focus ( China & Japan In focus )


Global Equity Indices, % below all-time high... Greece: 91% Japan: 54% China: 56% Brazil: 45% Germany: 21% US: 9%
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10-Year Yields...
US: 1.96% Spain: 1.56% Italy: 1.47% France: 0.67% Germany: 0.35% Japan: 0.05% Switzerland: -0.25%

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Negative Yields through...
Switzerland: 10 yrs Japan: 9 Yrs Germany: 7 yrs France/Belgium: 6 yrs Italy/Spain: 2 yrs

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The ongoing downtrend in Crude (# days below 200-day moving average) is now 100 days longer than the prior record.

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MENA Watch.....

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Nations gather in Rome to discuss anti-Islamic State push,
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Under fire for its description of situation in Syria, UN classifies Madaya, Yarmouk, Bqine, & Moadamiyeh as besieged

-Arab alliance halts participation

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Syrian opposition says government must implement goodwill measures within days

Syrian opposition awaits government reply on humanitarian steps

U.N. says Syrian govt approves ‘in principle’ U.N. request for aid delivery to besieged towns

Explosion and fire knock out oil pipeline eastern Libya

The Hiftar conundrum (again): GNA member withdraws in protest re Serraj-Hiftar meeting. 2 wks ago another pro-Hiftar member did same

New Libya govt must have Tripoli HQ: U.N. envoy

- Zika virus declared a global health emergency by WHO
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data for Caribbean, Central & South America as of Feb 01 12.00 pm CT.

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Zika Virus Threatens "Disaster In Rio" Olympics As WHO Declares Global Emergency

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: Billiton credit rating cut to A (from A+) by on low and prices
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| , Energy Ministers Conclude Meeting in Moscow (decline to comment to reporters after meeting for ~2.5 hours) - BBG

Iran: $100B in assets 'fully released' under nuclear deal

Europe In Focus ....

Angela Merkel finds herself in the middle of another dispute within Germany's coalition

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Soccer players protest refugee drownings

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police plan to double number of officers on duty at this year's

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315 migrants captured on Aegean despite latest tragedy

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LATEST: Podemos & Ciudadanos Tell Socialist Party It Must Choose A Left- Or Right-Wing Government

PSOE looks like they will try for a fairly broad cross party Coalition - at the appropriate time.

Pablo Iglesias, on offer to PSOE: "In the last 10 days we have not had a reply".

Pablo Iglesias says the Podemos proposal is the same: a progressive government led by Sánchez and with Iglesias as Deputy PM.

Journo asks Pablo Iglesias if Podemos would abstain or vote in favour of a PSOE + Ciudadanos government. "No", he replies.

Podemos refuses to back deal between Socialists and Ciudadanos, saying parties' policies are "incompatible"

BBC News - Donald Tusk to publish UK-EU 'settlement' The only settlement will be decided by the British electorate

Despite Cameron's talk of progress , lots of roadblocks ahead.

Cameron’s EU deal negotiations: the key questions answered

The Guardian: Liam Fox, former Defence Secretary, has urged eurosceptic Conservative ministers to show integrity and vote to leave the EU.

Farmers close Athens-Thessaloniki highway in central Greece
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Major transport disruption in Athens for Thursday's general strike

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Asia Grab Bag.......

Hong Kong Housing Bubble Suffers Spectacular Collapse: Sales Plunge Most On Record, Prices Crash



Rally Hobbled As Ugly China Reality Replaces Japan NIRP Euphoria; Oil Rebound Fizzles

Why is world on edge ahead of Shanghai G-20 meeting in late Feb: BofA believes China will announce one-off Yuan devaluation a la Plaza

Yen bulls burned after BOJ's surprise spurs biggest rout in year
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News Headline: Jan A-Share mkt cap -12.62 trln RMB, almost 2015 Italy GDP..

Daiwa Asset, Mitsubishi UFJ Suspend MMF Orders on BOJ Neg. Rates. Everyone is clueless what is going on

Here it comes: Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ Developing Virtual Currency: Asahi.