Sunday, January 31, 2016

Economic News & Views ( Sunday January 31 , 2016 ) Europe In Focus ( 1. Refugee Crisis / Economic Migration / Border Security Items. 2. France Protests Over Emergency Decree Continue - French Citizens Wondering How Long this Will Remain . 3. Germany - Note How Far Germany and Even Merkel Has Swung Away From "Welcome Refugees " 4. UK- EU Talks . 5. Turkey Talks EU Set For Next Week . 6. Spain Political Updates - PSOE In focus , Can they Form A Gov't ? 8. Odds & Ends . ) MENA Review ( 1. Syria Talks Underway - Lurching Away Probably Better Stated . 2. Libya Political updates. ) Asia / Emerging Nations Focus ( 1. China Items Of Note . 2. Japan Items 3. Zika In focus ) Odds & Ends ( 1. Why The Calls For Cash Bans - all of a sudden ? )


France in final bid to save stricken cargo ship

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Shock vid shows tension in Sweden asylum homes

EU's Tusk set to respond back to Cameron. Conditions set by EU.

to ask Brussels to tighten 'emergency brake' policy – reports
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Poland against 'emergency brake' solution on UK migrant workers

’s EU minister heads to Paris, Brussels for official meetings

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Greece’s strike week, Feb 1-5/2016

Migration Agency to boost age checks on asylum seekers. But aren't medical checks creepy?
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"The definition of dystopia." Greece fears being fenced in w 100000s of asylum-seekers. Excellent by

gov't scrambles to deliver migrants 'hot-spots' & relocation centres in time for February 18 Council

Vice Chancellor : Monitor after call to shoot at

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Merkel tells party that most of last year's refugees will return when peace comes

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They have 3-yr residencies RT : Merkel says refugees must return home once war is over via Reuters

Far-right and left-wingers clash at site of grenade attack

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High hopes in London that a) Jordan can roll out jobs for Syrians & b) this will curb the flow. I'm in Amman to see how it looks from here.

"Until when?" asked one woman. "The end of Daesh (Islamic State)? Ten years? Never?" "
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Austria to repatriate 50,000 asylum seekers over three years

- 2nd round of gov't consultations ends Tuesday. PP say they'd reject mandate again, want King to designate PSOE leader Sánchez.

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PSOE leader Sánchez says he will accept King's invitation to form a "hopefully progressive" government if asked to do so by His Majesty.

MENA - As It Touches On Europe  / ISIS / War On Terror ....

Europol Official: 10,000 Migrant Children Missing in Europe

"We do not know who is the other side. They don't even have a final list. They were six days late." - Syria envoy to UN Bashar al-Jaafari

Al- Nusra refusal to repudiate Al Qaeda seems major reason attempted merger failed.

UN appeals for $861 million to help Iraq

Teenage girl 'made up' migrant rape claim that caused uproar in Germany

UPDATE — Death toll in triple Daesh bombing at Shiite shrine in Damascus kills 60, including 25 fighters: SOHR

Criminal refugees to be deported to third countries

Live from Geneva: Syrian government delegation head Bashar al-Jaafari slams opposition as 'not serious' - via

Boko Haram attack in Maiduguri, Nigeria leaves 65 dead

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Sources: Atleast 20,000 of 's 80,000 residents have escaped since took over the city.
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: Severe lack of basic supplies, banks shut for a year, no internet or cell service since Aug 25 due to

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: UN envoy Staffan de Mistura 'holds talks' with main Syrian opposition group in Geneva - via

state media now saying 30 dead in blasts near Sayyida Zeinab shrine outside Damascus, reporting

In Syria talks, global powers pull in many directions - by AFP's Cecile Feuillatre in Geneva:

ICYMI, AFP's analysis on latest round of Syria talks: "There is every reason to be pessimistic."

Belgium arrests 4 seeking to go to Syria, Libya - Yahoo News

Tripoli-based government units parade in the capital

Designated PM of UN-brokered unity government meets Hafter, east Libya

Head of unity govt meets Hiftar. Question of what future role for polarising Hiftar key obstacle to UN deal
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UK Sunday Times claims 6 RAF officers + MI6 visited east Libya with US + French to find "friendly" militias

Asia / Emerging Nations  .......

eZuBao, an online P2P lending platform, ilegal fund raising >50 bln RMB. Arrested 21 people.

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500k mainland iron & steel workers may lose their jobs amid removing raw steel excessive capacities of 100~150 mln tonnes.

Glistening Gold & The Rumble In The Ruble - America's "Tribute Scam" Is Unraveling Fast

More than 2,100 pregnant Colombian women are infected with mosquito-borne Zika virus
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"Pandora's Box Is Open": Why Japan May Have Started A 'Silent Bank Run', DB Explains

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