Saturday, January 30, 2016

MENA Report - ( January 30 , 2016 ) - Around The Horn - Yemen , Israel , Syria & Syria Peace Talks , Iraq, Taliban , Isis , Refugee Crisis and Libya In focus !


US, Britain Spies on Israeli Air Force for 18 Years

Hospitals Are Under Fire in Yemen's War

Syrian Rebels Merge, Form 'Northern Brigade'

Taliban Control of Afghanistan Highest Since 2001

Four Killed in Suicide Attack on Saudi Shi'ite Mosque

Israeli Drone Feeds Hacked by British and US Intelligence

US Airstrike Targets Hacker Working for ISIS, Kills Civilians Instead

Syrian Rebel Splits Deepen After Failed 'Merger' With al-Qaeda Arm

Dutch Jets to Join Bombing of ISIS Targets in Syria

Syrian Turkmens Cross to Turkey, Fleeing Advances of Pro-Assad Forces

Bombs Damage Pipelines in Iraq as 41 Are Killed

'Many Months' Before Start of Battle for Mosul: Coalition

Forty Percent of Germans Say Merkel Should Resign Over Refugee Policy: Poll

Slovakia Says Migrant Quota System Not Working, Urges Rethink

Jordan seeks cash and easier access to european markets - to continue help regarding refugees !

"We’re dealing with a crisis in the modern age" Peter Capaldi, aka Dr Who, w/ Syrian refugees in Jordan

Jordan PM links Syrian refugee admissions to foreign aid

Syria Peace Talks / State Of Play - Battlefields ......

urges both sides to ‘seize moment’ at talks
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UN Syria envoy to hold separate talks with government, opposition Monday

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Throughout Syria, at least 30 towns have made ceasefire agreements with the Assad regime:

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claims blasts near shrine in

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Ahrar Ash-Sham not participating in talks on own initiative
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Syria peace talks in peril, rising deaths from starvation highlight dire humanitarian need
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Get the latest updates from Syria Peace talks in Geneva on our live blog: by AJ's

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Syrian civil war: Could Turkey be gambling on an invasion? | The Independent

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Russia says only "proxy" talks on Syria planned in Geneva: Interfax

Syria rebels set to arrive in Geneva but no peace talks yet

The HNC will send 17 negotiators + 25 advisors/HNC members. HNC head Riad Hijab is not in the first batch - likely to arrive later tonight

peace talks face formidable challenge by

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gave ultimatum to is to release a captured Emir otherwise it will execute 6 and will attack remaining positions.

Loy. sources: All positions yesterday captured by terrorists + other insurgent groups have been retaken by forces.

: delegation from Syria's main opposition umbrella group will arrive Saturday in Geneva to join peace talks

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Check out 's update on Geneva talks, including kickoff of negotiations & HNC statement on attendance -

Ahrar al-Sham commander 1: "Nusra cannot work w. others, they have a dominating project, they don’t accept others”

Ahrar alSham comd'r 2: “Problem is w. the AQ link & its ideological implications. Nusra insists on its agenda, it [won’t] maneuver at all"

Ahrar al-Sham-linked commd’r 3: “[Nusra] will join the global jihad & this is against our revolution. Our revolution is limited to Syria."

Ahrar al-Sham commander 4: "We can avoid fighting with Nusra for now. But for how long? That is a difficult question. Only God knows."

US-backed Liwa Suqor al-Jebel has withdrawn & dissociated itself from the entirety of the talks process:
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Can escape from the terrorist grip?

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BREAKING: President Seraj of the arrives in Almarj to meet with Haftar.

in Libyan launch manhunt for sniper killing terrorist commanders

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Italy says air strikes against ISIS possible without Libya first agreeing unity government

WHO unable to get $50 million funding for Libya programme (Reuters estimates Libya foreign reserves $109B)

. reaches eastern for first time since June, providing aid to 80,000 displaced

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