Saturday, December 5, 2015

MENA Report ( December 5 - 6 , 2015 ) - Iraq/ Syria Regional War Updates ( Iraq calls on Turkey to "immediately" withdraw forces, including tanks and artillery, it has deployed in the country's north without Baghdad's consent / Syria Proxy War - Battlefield and Political Updates ) ..... Libya In Focus ( State of play - internal political and battlefield conflicts , ISIS threats continue to roil Libya ) ...... Yemen ( State of play )

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German Parliament Approves ISIS War in Syria

US Looks to Ignore Iraqi PM's Objection on Troops

US Downplays Turkish Acquisition of ISIS Oil

EU Intel Sees Britain as ISIS' Next Target

US Struggling Over 'Moderate' Syrian Rebels Once Tied to al-Qaeda

Iraq Demands Turkey Withdraw Newly Deployed 'Trainer' Troops

Troops in Anbar Among 81 Killed Across Iraq

Iran Says Russia Free to Use Airspace to Attack ISIS, Syrian Targets

Russian Jets Destroy ISIS Oil Convoy After Putin Accuses Turkey of Buying Oil From Jihadist Group

Cheap and Illegal, Syrian Workers Show Underside of Turkey's Refugee Crisis

Delivery of Shelters for Calais 'Jungle' Migrants Delayed

Greek Minister: EU Provided Inadequate Help for Refugees

Qaeda Offers Bounty for Head of Yemen Pro-Government Force

UN: Half of Yemen 'One Step Away' From Famine

ISIS Group Built a Base in Libya From Which to Exploit Tribal Conflicts

France Flies Surveillance Missions Over ISIS-Held Areas of Libya

Italy Hopes to Up Pressure on Libya Militias


Iraq/ Syria .....

Breaking| PM asks the Turkish troops to withdraw within 48 hours otherwise Baghdad will go to the UNSC.

Syria's Assad says Britain's air strikes 'illegal' and will encourage terror attacks

Syria slams Turkey over troop deployment in Iraq

UN taking temporary control of Syria 'could provide a solution to civil war'

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France insists Assad's departure not necessary before Syria transition
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KRG: Turkish Troops in Northern to Extend Previous Training Mission

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Will Settle For Nothing Less Than Independence”

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Foreign Ministry summoned 's ambassador in Baghdad to protest agnst incursion of Turkish troops into Mosul region ~

Baghdad demands withdraw troops from ; Ankara says they're part of approved anti-IS training effort

Iraq summons Turkey's ambassador over deployment in northern Iraq

in 1st day of Turkish move, 3 different units of () Popular Mobilization force have threatened to target interests in .

Largest Shia and Sunni blocs in Iraq Parliament come out against Turkey troop deployment in Kurdistan
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DETAILS: Baghdad calls on Ankara to "immediately" withdraw its forces

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Turkish troops will be stationed in the region plus the Soran & Kalacholan districts near the Iranian border

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Turkey will have a permanent military base in the Bashiqa region of Mosul - w/ Turkey training the Peshmerga forces

So , now that the smuggling / oil trade seems to be confirmed , question might be quantities.

Iran ready to present proof of Turkey’s oil trade with ISIS – Tehran official

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Turkey "to train a force called Hashid Watani, which is made up of mainly Sunni Arab former Iraqi police"

Iraqi MP Jobouri: Iraqi forces must fulfill their duty and target invaders, Turkish forces are invaders as Daesh are

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The many ways Washington has said Turkey's border with Syria is a problem: by

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BREAKING: Iraqi government call on Turkey to "respect good neighborly relations & withdraw from Iraqi territory"

Iraqi president calls Turkish military presence in "a violation of international norms and laws", calls for withdrawal

Iraq says regiment from Turkey with tanks, artillery in Nineveh province, calls for its 'immediate' withdrawal

's Iraq deployment not part of U.S.-led coalition: officials

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Ministry of Defense says RAF fighter jets targeted another oil field in during their second combat sortie from British base in Cyprus

ISW airstrikes in map. Strikes targeted rebels in Aleppo/Idlib/Hama Provinces.

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Airstrikes: Doubling Down on Flawed Strategy - writes

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NEW MAP update: Military situation in and Governorates.

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In photos: Warships build up in amid rising tension over
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Hitting where it hurts: the money train

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BREAKING: Russian warplanes hit 1458 terrorist targets in a week

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'Caliphate'fails to retain:On IS takeover of Sirte,a now-escaped local tells “People live for one thing,which is to get out”

Scenes of destruction in 'n city after Power station is hit in cross fire between two outlawed militias
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Libya's 2 warring governments announce framework for possible new peace plan

Guardian/Observer - Warplanes in Libya skies as western powers contemplate ISIS expansion.

's economy: runaway spending, corruption, dwindling revenue. IMF official: 42-68% deficit is unheard of & unsustainable

Risk of huge influx into , France warns

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International conference on in Rome on December 13. Conference will discuss the peace process & ISIS threat in .

Colonel Wanis Bukhamada and General Khalifa Haftar meet to discuss army's needs and latest developments in
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The struggle between two extremist groups for control of continues

The imminent collapse of Libya’s economy could impoverish millions, fostering chaos & more radicalisation

Full text of UN Security Council Committee report on IS presence & potential in here: (via )


Yemen governor killed in car bombing with five bodyguards in an al-Qaeda stronghold

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U.N. envoy arrives in Yemen's Aden to advance peace talks

al claim control of al Rabuah city in southern Saudi Arabia

NEW: 2015 Crisis Situation Report: December 4

> had given Saudi-led coalition the coordinates for clinic it bombed in Taiz, Yemen.

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Half of Yemen is 'one step away' from famine: UN

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