Saturday, December 5, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( December 5 , 2015 ) ----- Fed Watch Begins ---- All Around The Horn For Europe , After a Busy Week ( Climate Change Summit / Refugee Situation / Greece Updates / Russia & Ukraine Items / ECB Items ----- Emerging Nations / Asia Updates ( China / Opec / Commodities / Turkey / South Korea / South Africa / Venezuela / Iran )

Post NFP - what might the Fed do on December 16th ?

jumps most since April as traders expect a dovish hike by the Fed.

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Dow soars >2% and Fear Index Vix plunges 17% as markets markets cheer US jobs data as goldilock-ish.

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Delegates UN climate conference in Paris approve draft deal text

Greece Loses Last Trace Of Sovereignty After EU Takes Control Over Greek Borders

Odd that Cameron cites the Bulgarian fence as good border protection. Thousands pass through every month

The strange spectacle of Sweden and Denmark sniping at each others’ immigration policies

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States blocking solution take revenge for 's stance in € crisis - says , who wanted a technocrat gov't for .

Metro service to airport to be disrupted by stoppage on Monday
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Serb FM: OSCE meeting failed to agree on Ukraine, migrants

Russia received official response from U.S. that it declined to guarantee Ukraine’s debt to restructure $3 billion of Ukrainian bonds

Russia to sue Ukraine if debt is not repaid by December 20 — Russia’s finance ministry

Seven arrested in anti-US protest in downtown Athens

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Zeit’s “Germany in flames” about attacks on refugee shelters Dire number of attacks, even worse lack of prosecutions

BREAKING: Russia surprised by US 'blindness' to trucks delivering oil to

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US statements on remind of "theater of the absurd" -

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US stance on and is based on double standards -

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EconMin Stathakis in trouble due to his personal wealth declaration. He reportedly 'forgot' to declare 38 real estate assets & €800k

France: Historic victory for Le Pen's Front National (ENF) expected in tomorrow. Latest poll:

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Draghi: Combination of measures was not a package meant to address mkt expectations. It was meant to address reaching of our objectives

's voters rejected Maastricht in 1992 and the in 2000. In retrospect, congratulations seem to be due.


Emerging Nations / Asia ......

BREAKING — PKK terrorist attack kills 2 soldiers in Turkey's southeastern Şırnak province

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Thousands march against govt in South Korea

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Russia says U.S. officially refused to provide guarantees for Ukraine's liabilities

Opec unity shattered as Saudi-led policy leads to no limits.
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Fitch cuts South Africa to BBB-; 1 notch > junk as GDP performance & estimates of growth potential weakened further.

Ruble ends the week on weakest level vs Dollar since Sep on Opec indecision and lower oil prices.

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International election observers have been barred and the government has allowed only a regional group to “accompany” the vote

Nicolas Maduro: "If opposition wins a majority, we would govern with the people in a civil-military union"

Zanganeh: Iran won't join future discussions on cutting output until prodn up from 2.7-2.8 mil b/d to 4 mil b/d (capacity)