Saturday, December 19, 2015

Mena Report ( December 19-20 , 2015 ) Iraq- Syria Regional War in focus - battlefield reports , domestic and international political updates for both extremely complicated situations , Turkey in focus , Saudi Arabia items of note , Afghanistan / ISIS influence in focus , Libya in focus - all of the present information on the developing political situations ! )


75 Killed, Scores Wounded on Yemen-Saudi Border

Protests Grow as Turkey Kills 110 Kurds

Pentagon Ponders Cyberwar on ISIS

US Airstrike Kills 10 Iraqi Troops in 'Friendly Fire'

UNSC Endorses Syria Peace Plan, Split on Assad

SecDef Warns of Hard Year Ahead in Afghanistan

Ceasefire in Tatters as Pro-Saudi Forces Seize Yemen Cities

Opposition Party Calls for 'Resistance' as Turkey Kills 62

Think Tank: Most Syrian Rebel Groups Ideologically Similar to ISIS

Syrian Rebels Dismiss Unrealistic UN Peace Roadmap

Kurdish-Dominated Group Seeks Role in Syria Peace Talks

Germany Resumes Intelligence Sharing With Syria

Ramadi Braces for Battle as 109 Are Killed Across Iraq

Friendly Fire Victims Among 77 Killed in Iraq

At UN, Turkey Accuses Iraq of Undermining ISIS Fight

Commander: Peshmerga Don't Have Enough Arms in ISIS Fight

Syrian Govt Forces Capture Strategic Rebel-Held Mountain

As UN Endorses Syria Plan, Obama Says Assad Will 'Probably' Have to Go

Assad Not Likely to Face War Crimes Charges as World Leaders Broker Syria Peace Deal

France Demands Assurances That Assad Will Leave Power

Iran to Match Stance With Russia in Push for Syria Deal

Stay Clear of Border Zone, Saudis Warned as Missile Hits

Al Jazeera Blocks Anti-Saudi Arabia Article

Turkish FM: Israel Has Met Only One of Our Conditions for Normalizing Relations

Obama Presses Turkey's President to Lower Tensions With Iraq

No Sign of Peace for Turkey's Kurds After Erdogan Victory


Iraq / Syria

Amid tension, Turkey agrees to pull more troops out of Iraq

Turkey acknowledges 'miscommunication' with Iraq over troop deployments to northern region

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Welcome statement by MFA on movement of forces from . US actively engaged, encouraging focus on -

UN roadmap for peace leaves Syrian National Coalition opposition skeptical

The Guardian: ready to increase role in , Putin says

UN resolution on Syria creates a framework – but one with yawning gaps | Julian Borger

Turkey Blasts "Breakthrough" UN Resolution On Syria: "It Lacks Perspective. Assad Must Go!"


So how did an American and South African join an unofficial Air Force in North Africa? And what is this force ?

Lots of talk about intervention against IS, nothing on humanitarian pledges made for

Two Parliaments , Two existing Gov'ts ( East & West ) and two "Unity Gov'ts" , as well ?

- deputy president Abdulgader Haweel says if the Unity Gov is imposed it means war in . This is dangerous.

- HoR member mohamed al-Abani: Singing of agreement & naming of presidential council is happening outside any proper legal framework.

International community wanted a government to deal with in &they got one! Doesn't matter if it's 3rd or 4th Gov -it'll do the trick.

Municipal Council Declares State Of Emergency After Attack On Military Intel. HQ. Via

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Graphic pics from Ajdabya city . Although a UN deal signed, situation on ground catastrophic v

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HoR President Agila Saleh Gweider: Signing of in unconstitutional as HoR members acted w/o approval

Fighting continuing Ajdabiya, eastern Libya, 14 dead (Reuters)

- Thini's Gov is ready to handover to the new Gov, address to the nation ready - but waiting for HoR to convene first.

6000 soldiers to in a mission led by Italy with the participation of UK, US & France for training & to help combat rise of .

The new presidential council still meeting outside , specifically in Rabat. A delegation representing the council arrived in .

- already, the question of Haftar is starting to haunt the presidential council. Haftar's opponents calling for Serrag to sack him.

- if the Presidential Council decides to make an enemy of Haftar very early on, it would mean losing the East militarily/politically.

- PM Serrag says his Gov will be in once formed, but he isn't sure if security situation will allow that. calls for support!