Sunday, September 10, 2017

Economic News , Data & View....September 10 , 2017......Quick Hits For Sunday-1) Hurricane Irma Updates : Irma Makes Landfall At Cudjoe Key In Lower Florida Key - Cat 4 Storm with Max sustained Winds At 130 MPH / Min Central Pressure At 929 MB / Extremely Massive And Muscular Hurricane , Things Slowly Deteriorating In Florida , To Be Updated During Course Of Sunday. 2) Europe In Focus : Germany - Domestic & international Items To Consider ; France - Irma Impact On French Caribbean , French Domestic Politics And Macron Items ; Italy - Massive Flooding Slams Italy , Immigration & Migration Concerns , Italian Banks & Italian Banking Crisis Examined ; Greece - Highlights On International & Domestic Politics ; UK - Domestic Politics For Sunday , EU-UK Talks Items To Ponder . 3) US Politics - Sunday Morning Round Up - North Korea & Irma Front And Center For POTUS & Cabinet , Additional Early Items For Sunday. 4) Odds & Ends !

Hurricane Irma....

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LATEST: CEO of Miami Int'l Airport says airport "sustained significant water damage throughout" while enduring gusts of nearly 100 mph

As mentioned , Irma's crawl up the Gulf Coast is slow and drawn out- Irma's eye expected to hit Tampa at 2am....

Irma is still a work in progress and will continue Sunday and Monday.

Amazing embedded supercell structures in hurricane . Many waterspouts likely!

Urgent warning about the rapid rise of water on the SW FL coast with the passage of 's eye. MOVE AWAY FROM THE WATER!

The warns that water levels will rise fast in Naples & Marco Island soon as center of arrives.

2pm speeds up, N 12mph.Picking up more speed later today before making landfall before midnight near .

Irma is draining Tampa Bay right now. In a few hours, all that water -- and more -- will come back, quickly.

Keep in mind as you watch this , Gulf Coast side is going to take a far worse hit from Irma winds and storm surge.

wave height forecast for 45 - the waves will be on top of the storm surge. or

156p - Estimated 10 feet storm surge from this morning at Cudjoe Key where Irma made Landfall.

The maximum storm surge + waves in Naples will be ~ 2-3 hrs after eye. Combination can be devastating.

UPDATE: Now more than 1 million power outages in Florida due to Hurricane

City of St. Petersburg, Florida, enacting emergency curfew beginning at 5 p.m. ET due to severe conditions from Hurricane .

Irma first Cat4 hurricane to hit Florida since Charlie in 2004 and the first time ever for back to back Cat4 landfalls in US

10am Update on Hurricane - Eye of Hurricane beginning to move away from lower Florida Keys.

Miami-Dade Police: "Our officers are now sheltered for their safety [due to Hurricane ]. We cannot respond to calls for service."

BREAKING: Hurricane has made its first landfall at 9:10 a.m. near Cudjoe Key, Florida:

OFFICIAL: has made landfall on Cudjoe Key, FL. The first Category 4 hurricane in the Keys since Donna, on the same date, in 1960.

Florida governor: We will "spare no expense to save every life" during Hurricane Irma

President Trump increases federal funding share for disaster relief for US Virgin Islands from 75% to 90 to 100%

FEMA administrator warns of "long" power outages in Florida following Hurricane Irma

...LOWER FLORIDA KEYS IN THE EYE OF - Centered at 9 a.m. about 20 mi east of Key West.

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BREAKING: Lower Florida Keys are in the eye of Hurricane Irma

Most of Miami Beach now without power...

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UPDATE: More than 600,000 now without power, according to Florida power companies

Lots of ⚡️ outages out there, here is a message from : DO NOT use gasoline generators indoors, not even in the garage!

JUST IN: Large crane collapses on building in downtown Miami during Hurricane , witnesses and NWS say.

A huge crane just collapsed on top of building in down town Miami

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Irma's winds and huge waves starting to show up on earthquake-measuring equipment -- nearly 1000 miles away in Alabama. WOW.

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About 1/2 of Miami-Dade county now without power.

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8AM Advisory: is nearing landfall in the .

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8AM: Pressure continues to drop as the eye of moves into the Lower Keys.

Waterlevel drop starting at Naples and Ft. Meyer. Major surge will follow as back side of storm pushes water onshore!

Follow us for latest storm surge predictions from for advisory 45 on or

Don't be fooled by the drop in water levels in southwest Florida. When the winds switch, the storm surge will come in quickly!



Isis holds 11,100 blank Syrian passports: German officials

Germany open to Iran-style North Korea talks: Merkel

German aid to migrants creating 'pull effect': minister

Turkey says citizens face 'racist treatment' in Germany


Blasted by Hurricane Irma, French Caribbean spared by Jose

French voters may be souring on Emmanuel Macron, but he's all they've got

"Emmanuel Macron wanted to do politics from another perspective, to give a greater place to women and civil society"

France's Le Pen 'determined' to revitalise far right

Macron Gives In To Pressure From Trump On Defense Spending

Why Paris will be the first post-car metropolis via

Macron’s Labor Gambit by Dani Rodrik


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Floods kill at least five as storms thrash Italy

Deadly storms across overnight, five dead in Livorno after torrential storms caused flooding.

After a summer of drought in Italy the disasters caused by floods arrived. A thought for the victims...

Very good piece explaining the ever developing situation in the Med, Libya and Italy. Recommended reading

"Ghost boats" drop Tunisian migrants onto sunny Italian tourist beaches

Strategy of delayed reform has been characteristic of the Italian banking crisis:

Why the decrease in arrivals to Italy from Libya? 5 million EURO paid by Italy to warlords to crack down on traffickers key, FAZ details.


Stournaras backs calls for eurozone integration

Tsipras declares Greece 'turning a page' at Thessaloniki trade fair

Troika technical staff due back in Athens on Monday

Gov’t aims to integrate up to 30,000 migrants


Sunday Politics in the UK - 1

Sunday politics in the UK - 2

Sunday politics in the UK- 3

Sunday politics in the UK - 4

Brexit Talks Round up...

EU Parliament is unlikely to vote for an early start of EU/UK trade talks on October 2 - no leal required to get that.

EU's deputy Brexit negotiator doubts talks will move on to trade next month, sources say

US Politics...

HRC says she is finished as a candidate.....

Fox News host: If GOP won't work with Trump, he should work with Democrats

NEW: Five things revealed by Congress' Trump-Russia investigations

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Omarosa put on White House “no-fly list” to keep her away from Trump

Serious meeting today, called by at Camp David. Reports on 's track, potential impact, fed & state preparedness.

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NEW: President Trump holds meeting with Cabinet members at Camp David to discuss the "potential impact" of Irma (White House Photo)

Odds & Ends....

New evidence submitted in a lawsuit against KSA shows that its embassy in Washington may have funded a 9/11 "dry run" by two Saudis.

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Luisa Ortega Díaz hands over proof President Maduro embezzled $8 - $10 million from Venezuela Treasury.

MAP.SAA reached Deir-Ez-Zor from south axis and advances at Thardah mountain range in south of Airport HD:

Syrian Arab Army fully captured Thurdah Mountain Map:

Unconfirmed and unsourced report SAA forces have taken Thurdah Mountains - awaiting further reporting , but something to keep an eye on.

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As SAA recapture Deir Ezzor City , US-led coalition fighting ISIS looks to extend cooperation with Russia to avoid run-ins.

More progress made by SAA at Deir Ezzor .... Deir Ezzor - Damascus Highway announced as cleared.

Jodran apparently finally released after being held for months. Meanwhile , his immediate family and other relatives are seized in Tripoli.

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