Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Economic News , Data & views ( December 29 , 2015 ) Europe In Focus ( Spanish Politics - Formation Of New Gov't dicey , Greece Items Of Note , Refugee Crisis - Germany Estimates 17 Bn For Cost for 2016 , Equity Markets for 2015 / Data Splash - Spain & France Items Of Interest , Poland Political Crisis Could Impact Poland Hosting NATO In 2016 , French Immigration To Israel Hits A High ) Emerging Nations & Asia ( Asia Indices Edge Up W/ China Equities Rising After Biggest Losses In A Month As Oil Stabilizes. Additional Items Of Note From Saudi Arabia , China , Turkey )


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PM Renzi says he'll resign if constitutional reform is rejected in 2016 referendum /via

Greece to be Under Close Eurogroup Supervision in 2016

Calls for to reallocate resources from refugee care to missions

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FULL STORY: Rajoy Insists PP To Try To Form A Government, Would Want To Be Candidate At New Elections

RAJOY: Says a non-Rajoy PP candidate for PM "not the preferred formula".

And the two-month window before new elections are called is tied to that event, not the opening of parliament.

Also, Spanish Congress confirms there is no set date for a first confidence vote in a candidate for PM.

Germany prices refugee effort at 17 billion euros

European equities in 2015: Ireland (+30.7%), Portugal (+17.3%) Italy (+13.17%) big winners. Greece (-24.9%) and Spain (-7.2%) losers

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~ deploys 293 officers, 15 vessels to Greek islands as part of Poseidon Rapid Intervention

Greek Gov’t Takes Series of Welfare Measures for 2016

Spain +3.3% rise in Nov retail sales down from 6.0% jump in October, but still the 16th straight monthly gain

France home builders look to stronger 2016. Sep-Nov building permits +8.7% y/y. Housing starts seen rising to 380K from est 345K this year

Social security reform a test for Tsipras

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federal prosecutor says 2 arrested, suspected of planning holiday attacks in Brussels /via

Euro break-up back on the agenda: Sentix EBI jumps for 2nd month: Now 14% of investors consider break-up within 1yr.

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Migrant arrivals rise more than tenfold in a year

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"Not finally decided" if Nato 2016 summit will be in Warsaw amid outcry on Polish govt curbs on Constitut. Tribunal

French immigration to Israel at record high, Israeli officials said: "physical insecurity & financial uncertainty"

Emerging Nations / Asia .....

Saudi Arabia proposes economic reforms

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It's hardly Greece, but the era "of material overspending" is firmly behind Saudi - Bank of America
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Good morning. Asia stock markets edge up w/ China stocks rise after biggest losses in a month as oil stabilizes.

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is biggest deflation threat to the world: China's Central Bank fixed yuan at weakest level to Dollar in >4yrs
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HDP co-chair's 'self rule' comments amount to treason, provocation, President Erdoğan says
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LIVE—President Erdoğan: Turkey will continue to take determined steps against PKK and other terrorists in the region
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Emerging-Market Stocks Extend Losses on Persistent Oil Weakness

Oil's Renewed Slide Drags Aussie Mining and Energy Stocks Lower

On top of that, the bad loans that aren't disclosed by Chinese lenders so they don't have to stump up more capital.

Almost 30% of China's online lenders are "problematic"- new rules ban P2P sites from raising or lending funds, WMPs.

Banking watchdog to restructure debts of Turkish firms linked with Russia

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211 terrorists killed in Şırnak, Diyarbakır

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Turkish gov't to strip municipalities of authority for assisting PKK

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Saudi Arabia cuts spending, raises domestic fuel prices as default probability has risen.
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PM Davutoğlu: We follow closely the situation around Tishrin . SDF are not [Kurdish] YPG-only, many Arab militias involved too

New China Law Requires Tech Firms to Turn Over Encryption Keys government says it's important for terrorism