Monday, December 28, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( December 28 , 2015 ) Europe In Focus ( Greece Economic / Political Items , Spain - Political Process Toward Forming A Gov't Rocky As Podemos Declines to Join PP In Governing , Russia In Focus - Oil / Ruble In Focus / Sanctions On Turkey signed By Putin / Economic Outlook Item , ECB Still Not Taming Inflation Expectations And QE Could Go Longer Than Anticipated , Poland's President Duda Signs Constitution Court Amendment ) Asia / Emerging Nations In Focus ( Iraq / Syria / Afghanistan Libya Items Of Note , China Items Of Note - China Telecom Probe / Shanghai A & B Shares Turmoil / Yuan Weakening Again / Economic Data Points / Hong Kong Exports Fall More Than Expected , Japan Industrial Output Falls But Stocks rise , Odds & Ends )


Public Sector Union ADEDY Asks Top Court to Cancel Law Increasing Retirement Age

new unpaid taxes at €1.45 bln in Nov (from €832 mln in Oct) & €11.83 bln year to date. Outstanding tax debt at €83.63 bln.

Greek National Bank Chief: ‘It Is Not in the Interest of Any Bank to Proceed with Home Foreclosures’

Greek PM Tsipras Seeks Alliances for Critical House Vote

| Ciudadanos do not exclude possibility of tolerance vote in case of a PSOE-Podemos coalition via

Migration routes to Europe

Ruble drops to 2015 low on year-end budget flows as Oil tumbles.

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QE infinity as ECB has failed to boost inflation expectations? ’s Mersch says QE will run ‘as long as necessary'

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's Mersch says deposit rate theoretically not at lower bound. (as SNB highlights).

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president Duda signs constitutional court bill amendment Fait accompli.

Putin signs order on Turkey sanctions

GDP decline accelerates to 4% in November, economy shrinks 3.8% year-on-year: officials ~Interfax via

German interior ministers alarmed by violence against , rise of right-wing

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So all three opposition parties have rejected Rajoy and the PP now, and PSOE and Ciudadanos have drawn red lines in the sand over Catalonia.

After creditors raised concerns used legislative decree act to pass parts of "parallel program" on Xmas eve.

Asia / Emerging Nations.....

Saudi Arabia cuts spending, raises domestic fuel prices as default probability has risen.

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Saudi Arabia 2015 actual revenue 608b riyals vs 715b forecast; Expenditure Exceeds Target by 13%: BBG

: Saudi Arabia posts record $98 billion deficit in 2015: ministry

Iran plans to add 500,000 barrels a day of oil exports one week after sanctions are lifted, said Rokneddin Javadi, deputy oil minister

Hong Kong's November Exports Fall 3.5% From a Year Earlier ... Est. -2.8%

: Iraq military command declares Ramadi fully 'liberated', flag raised

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: Taliban car bomber targets NATO convoy near Kabul airport, one dead

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- 12 days have passed since signing of the Skhirat agreement& formation of the GNA's presidential council. How close are we to a GNA?

: At least 14 killed in bomb blasts in Syria's Homs: state media

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Probe into China Telecom chairman related to his tenure at China Unicom, where execs took money & sex for influence.

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Is Running Out of Survival Tricks as Ramps Up Pressure via

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South Korea, Japan strike deal on wartime sex slaves


ROUBLE! Shanghai Comp plunges 2.6% as Yuan weakens to lowest level since 2011.

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's Nikkei ends up 0.6% at 18873.35 even as industrial output slipped for first time in three months in Nov.

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Good morning from Berlin. Asia stock markets higher in a quiet trading session w/ exception of greater .

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China Nov. Railway Cargo Shipment Down 15.6% Y/y to 270m Tons

Shanghai Avg New Home Price Falls 2.96% on Week: Uwin