Tuesday, December 29, 2015

MENA Report ( December 29 , 2015 ) AROUND THE HORN : Iraq / Syria Regional War - battlefield updates / political front updates ; Turkey - political upheaval internally with Kurdish areas w/i and outside Turkey / involvement in Syria another area of focus ; Iran - just keeps rolling along fulfilling its pledges and commitments regarding the nuclear pact ; Jordan - caught in cross-fire regarding Opposition List ; Saudi Arabia - price of oil falling makes outside adventures damaging to Saudi budget , Libya In focus

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Bomb Blasts Kill at Least 32 in Syria's Homs

Iran Hands Over Uranium Stockpile to Russia

Syrian Ceasefire Deal Allows Hundreds to Escape Siege

Seized Documents Reveal ISIS's Department of 'War Spoils'

US Officials: Russia Achieving Goals in Syria, at Sustainable Costs

Iraq PM Vows to Defeat ISIS in 2016

Turkey Prosecutor Probes Pro-Kurdish Opposition Head Over 'Self-Rule' Comments: Dogan

Syrian Activists Find No Safety From ISIS in Southern Turkey

Iran Nuclear Deal: Tehran on Track, Says John Kerry

Saudi Security Spending Rises $5.3 Billion in 2015: Minister

Baghdadi's Ex-Wife Remains in Lebanon Until Status Clear

                                                                 "Ring Of Fire "

Iraq/ Syria /Turkey/Jordan/Lebanon......

's Kurdish-led HDP Mus province co-head Elif Cetinbas reported to have been detained via
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Saudi Arabia, Turkey to set up ‘strategic cooperation council’

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Wilgenburg: the capture of Tishrin is "a huge first step for the Kurds in clearing out the remaining border strip...

How Iran's return to global oil markets may impact Saudi Arabia's 2016 budget

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110 journalists killed in 2015, Iraq and Syria most dangerous: Reporters Without Borders

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Back-to-back losses in Iraq and Syria deal blow to Islamic State group by

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Saudi Arabia reports record high $98bn budget deficit on low crude prices

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Pentagon: Two ISIL fighters with ties to Paris assault among 10 killed in Syria and Iraq

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Kurdish residents of Cizre tell Al-Monitor of their "primitive" lives while police battle militants

Aryen News : ISIS groups are passing onto Turkey from the Jarabulus border

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Turkey's Erdogan: Kurdish leader's call for greater autonomy is 'treason'

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I actually saw a brigde between Zor Maxar and Jarabulus, completely intact. In fact Turkey fired on FSA rebels when they crossed

: liberating 's city of Jarabulus from a priority

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’s terrorist blacklist in criticized by key players -

Violence fills 's political life

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Low oil prices and the war in Yemen have left a huge hole in Saudi Arabia's budget:

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I revealed the truth about President Erdogan and Syria. For that, he had me jailed | Can Dündar

Syrian rebel fighters' evacuation from Zabadani near Lebanon "under way"

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: Saudi Arabia to raise petrol prices by up to 40%: official

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After a brief hiatus, Situation Update for 23-28 December, with Corrected Map:

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What are the biggest challenges facing 's peace agreement? for :

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So far, Tuareg in & Arab tribes from have pledged support to the Government of National Accord.

responds: Shura Council statement came b/c Fajr "cut your meds, food, ammo, Istanbul flights & Tripoli Apts"

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Shura Council releases statement disowning connection, say it fought the "infidels" first.
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Committee set up during talks b/w & looking at war crime victim compensation, rebuilding
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Earlier this month, Italy stopped France's attempts to extend anti-IS strikes to ,writes

, take note: IMF suggests crude oil prices could fall as low as $20 p/b in 2016 as Iran increases its oil exports after sanctions lift

Recognised parliament (Tobruk) delays session that will vote on accepting UN-brokered unity government

The U.S. intervention in Libya was a complete failure:

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