Sunday, November 15, 2015

Economic News & Views ( November 15 , 2015 ) -- Latest News On Paris Attacks --- Refugee Crisis Increasingly Being Drawn Into Gravitational Pull Of Paris Attacks ---- Greece Updates ( Troika aka Quad Talks / EWG SET For Tuesday , Economic Updates / Domestic News Of Note ) ----- G-20 In Turkey , Items Of Note As Paris Talks & Syria Situation Dominate So Far ----- Italy In Focus ( Public Debt / Contributions To Bailouts Over The Years ) ------- Emerging Markets & Asia ( Middle East Markets hit on Sunday By Paris Attacks / Weak Oil prices ) , Many Interesting China Items Of Note Today , Turkey In Focus As It Hosts The G-20 )


's Mersch: It appears that the Greek government is still finding it hard to implement the agreed programme. /via

Two terrorists responsible for Friday’s attacks - French citizens who lived in Brussels-as per Belgian Prosecutor

: Timeline Via .

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VIDEO - Paris attacks: 129 killed, 352 wounded, 99 in critical condition

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BREAKING: French President Hollande to extend state of emergency for three months -

BREAKING UPDATE: Three brothers involved in the one of them managed to escape, major manhunt underway across

BREAKING: One of the terrorist of allegedly travelled via ferry to Piraeus on October 5 then to Serbia

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BREAKING: Seven people have been detained in Belgium linked to the on Friday evening in which at least 129 people were killed

UPDATE: 3 Kalashnikov rifles were found in the abandoned car in Montreuil near , French Intel believe at least one terrorist escaped

: Major manhunt across France as eighth terrorist on the run

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: French investigation ongoing, reports from Paris
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propel fight against terrorism to top of agenda - follow LIVE UPDATES

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french senator tells cnn's amanpour 1 of stadium attackers declared himself a syrian in greece & was given passport

Questions.Why attack France? Who will benefit?Why now?There are no benefit for muslims.Muslims cant be happy about this

Suicide bomber blows himself up during anti-ISIS raid in -host

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The number of young people in Spain's labour force has collapsed since the financial crisis by about 40%
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Head of French MoD calls EU defense ministers to extraordinary meeting (LIVE UPDATES)

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One "Paris Attacks " Q - whether the clauses of solidarity in EU treaties & NATO treaty's Article 5 will be evoked ?

BREAKING: Belgian official says 7 people detained in all in Belgium linked to the Paris attacks.

: Up to 30 bodies of Paris victims yet to be identified: PM

BREAKING: French police source says Syrian passports are 'definitely forgeries' and fakes can be purchased easily for few hundred dollars.

Panousis claims SYRIZA officials told him to free detained suspects

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Greek financial prosecutors tell hundreds more staff 'absolutely necessary' to collar rich tax evaders.

Negotiations Between Greece and Creditors Continue to Stumble

leaders agree to step up border control, air security ~draft statement via --The


Terrorists Escape Vehicle Found; Gunman ID'ed; Obama Promises Crack Down: Latest Updates
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Piraeus to proceed to capital increase of €1.34 bln, will seek state aid of €2.72 bln (CoCos €2.04 bln, shares €0.68 bln).

Italy's public debt rose 2.7% Y/Y in September to €2.19 trillion - public debt growth still outpacing GDP growth.

'Paris changes everything': CSU Bavarian allies pressure Merkel on refugees

Italy has spent almost €60bn bailing out other Eurozone countries

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Poland to Shun Refugees After Paris Attack, Future Minister Says

Paris police sources say the 2 Syrian passports found on the terrorists were fakes probably made in Turkey. /via

Dijsselbloem welcomes good progress in talks & institutions, "agreement on many issues", EWG to convene Tuesday, "in line mandate"

G20 to discuss threat of Isis infiltrators among EU migrants after Paris attacks

Serbian Int ministry says holder of passport found at scene of Paris attack crossed into Serbia on Oct 7 and sought asylum. ~

Alleged snapshot of passport of Paris attacker taken in Serbia during refugee processing (via )

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German right split on . goes full hatred, mixing up refugees, terror & open borders. Most stays thankfully moderate.

~: "Do not mix refugees with terrorists. I invite those trying to change our migration agenda not to give in to basic reactions"

: Paris attacks must not prompt rethink on refugees: EU chief Juncker

Emerging Markets , Asia ......

Weak , hit Gulf bourses. Dubai's benchmark index DFM hits lowest in 2015.

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stocks slump most in 3 weeks as Mideast Markets recoil.

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China plans to make Taiwan reliant, paving the way for unification

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China needs annual 6.523% GDP growth in next 5 yrs to meet targets by 2020: official

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6 charts that explain in the global
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China's new Silk Road: boom or dust for Pakistan?

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Meet China's cheap new fighter plane:

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German General: NATO Article 5 won’t apply to Turkey’s buffer zone in Syria

Smog cloaks north China: yellow alert for smog for 6th consecutive day, fog for 7th day

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BREAKING: Kerry: Transitional government for Syria to be set in 6 months, elections in 18 months.