Saturday, November 14, 2015

MENA Report - ( November 14-15 , 2015 ) PARIS ISIS ATTACK clear banner lead for this weekend Exclusively featured in TWEET SECTION ) -- ISIS in MENA Region also in focus -- Top News from the Region this weekend , updated as appropriate.....



Paris Shootings, Blasts Kill at Least 150

France Calls State of Emergency, Closes Borders After Attacks

Is ISIS Behind New Attacks and Shootings in Paris?

Peshmerga, PKK, Retake Sinjar From ISIS

Sinjar Victory Bolsters Kurds, but Could Further Alienate US From Iraq

Kurdish Capture of Sinjar a Long Way From Beating ISIS

Obama: ISIS 'Contained,' Not Gaining Strength

Russia Says US Mostly Concurs on List of Syrian Terror Groups

Lofty Goals in Syria Talks, But Few Real Plans

Libyan ISIS Aims to Replicate Iraq, Syria Success

Hezbollah Resists ISIS Effort to Expand War Into Lebanon

Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 21 at Baghdad Funeral

Russia Said to Deploy Advanced Missile System in Syria

US Designates Leader of ISIS Abdurakhmanov a Terrorist

Wounded Toll at 25,000 a Month in Syria, Medicines Lacking, Cholera Feared: WHO

Merkel Defends Decision to Send Back Refugees to Other EU Countries

Stuck in Limbo in Ethiopia, Africa's Biggest Refugee Camp

Norway Government Seeks Tighter Asylum Rules

Lebanon PM Holds Emergency Meeting as Nation Mourns Bomb Victims

Lebanon Parliament Endorses Money Laundry, Combating Terrorism Laws

Worshippers Killed as Bomb Hits Yemen Mosque in Houthi-Dominated Region: Residents

Yemen Is Turning Into Saudi Arabia's Vietnam

Calais Migrant Camp 'On Fire' as France Reels From Paris Terror Attacks

Attacker in Paris Concert Hall Shouted 'Allahu Akbar', Fired Into Crowd: Witness



"War In Paris" - ISIS Claims Responsibility For Deadly Attacks Killing 127: Full Summary
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French police say public demonstrations in Paris are banned until Thursday:

State of emergency across the entire French territory will continue, with a curfew in certain areas - Cazeneuve, French interior minister

Italy will heighten security measures after the attacks in Paris, Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said.



PT: Initial reports of gunfire in Bagnolet, possible car chase

French President declares state of emergency following Paris shootings

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Bavaria arrest raises suspicions about links to Paris attacks

Two of the terrorists are Belgian nationals

URGENT: Syrian passport found close to body of suicide bomber nr stadium -

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BREAKING: two of seven terrorists are identified, one Syrian and one French

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Paris attacks likely to heighten anti-migrant rhetoric, influence upcoming US election scrutiny (especially on Clinton), EU policy on Libya

cannot accept migrants under quotas after attacks - minister designate

Map: Where the attacks happened -

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Britain's Cameron calls emergency meeting over Paris attacks:

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VIDEO - Paris attacks: "You killed our brothers in Syria", the terrorists shouted while…

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BREAKING: ISIS says were designed to show France it will remain a target if it continues its policies


BREAKING: Islamic State claims responsibility for Paris attacks

'It is a sign of the times that a handful of terrorists can paralyze a major European capital':

Horror: "They were just standing in the back of the concert room, shooting at us as if we were birds."

BREAKING: "justify" need to combat and Nusra: Russia's Lavrov

Hollande: "An act of war committed by a terrorist army"

France blames ISIS for 'act of war,' vows 'merciless' response to

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ISIS threatens France in video, urges attacks

Hollande announces three days of state mourning for victims of

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France's Hollande says Paris attacks were committed by Islamic State:

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mean eu reffo-sharing dead - new polish govt. 'Poland must retain full control over borders, asylum, immigration'

Syria talks in Vienna overshadowed by Paris massacre
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"The incident is not resolved" official words there from the spokesperson at . "Silver" security meeting at 12pm.