Monday, November 16, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( November 16 , 2015 ) -- Paris Attacks ( Follow Up Information on the Paris Attack Investigations ongoing in Europe , Refugee Crisis which has been entwined with the Paris Attacks politically ) --- Market Moving News & Data ( Europe & Asia In Focus ! )

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Coalition already hit ISIS network more in last 2 wks than any month prior. Then it took out 116 tanker trucks

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All of a sudden , pressure being applied against ISIS in Mosul.

Make that 14 states. LATEST: Arizona, Scott Walker’s Wisconsin, and John Kasich’s Ohio join anti-refugee states.

UN 'immediately' drafting Syria cease-fire enforcement plan

Greek PM due in Turkey Nov 17-18 for talks set to focus on refugee crisis. To travel to Israel, Palestinian territories on 25-26

president Cavaco Silva implies he may not decide on new gov't any time soon: "In 1987 I was PM of a caretaker gov't for 5 months"

Bloomberg: says Russia has offered to Ukraine

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Hollande seeking to join forces of US and Russia against ISIS.

Hollande: If Europe doesn't control its external borders, then internal borders will return. That will be the destruction of the EU.

Hollande: We need to be able to expel foreigners who represent a threat to public order more quickly, while respecting our engagements.

French parliament to debate possible 3-month state of emergency: Hollande

Speculation peacekeeping on UN agenda. Kobler previously head of UN force DRC. New UN security advisor Serra headed UN Lebanon force

New UN envoy is German diplomat Martin Kobler. Previously UN head mission DRC, head mission Iraq, deputy envoy Afghanistan.

BREAKING: UN announcing its Libya envoy Bernardino Leon to step down tomorrow, replacement is Martin Kobler.


Constitutional commission, elected Feb 2014, not yet decided where seat of government should be.

Recognised parliament (Tobruk) won't vote on UN peace plan this week. Speaker at UNESCO conference Paris.

Tripoli-based parliament meets to discuss UN dialogue


suspect 'taken alive at home ... police used tear gas'

police conducted search ops for suspected mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud in January:

Greek police was tipped by Belgian police on Abdelhamid Abaaoud following suspect mobile phone calls between Athens and Syria.

- President Hollande to address both houses of parliament in joint session at 4pm CET. Only 3rd time this happens in French history.

So the French think the chap who entered Greece in October is the same one who bombed Paris.

If true, this backs what a lot of us have been saying for some time, which is that the current response to the refugee crisis is untenable.

Forcing people to risk drowning in the Aegean benefits neither them nor Europe – since it makes Europe beholden to 1) chaos and 2) criminals

Simultaneously, this does not mean those who'd like to close the borders, or whatever, were right.

It is impossible to close Europe's southern border – because Europe is not Australia. It lies 6 miles from Turkey.

People will keep coming, whether we like it or not. So the choice is therefore not between the current chaos and no migration at all.

Greek coast guard rescues 1,244 migrants in three days
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Bitish security has stopped seven attacks in the last six months -

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France conducted 23 arrests during raids in the wake of the Paris attacks -Bernard Cazeneuve

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Greek Govt: Refugee Issue Should be Separated from Terrorism


BREAKING: Belgian police raid Brussels' jihadist hot spot district - reports

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UPDATE: Suspect taken away by police at raid, in Brussels (pic by )
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REPORT: Britain to hire 1,900 more spies to defend against ISIS militants: -
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France wants Schengen changes discussed on Friday, German politician wants migrant cap, Poland pulls out of EU refugee scheme

4 hours agoEurope’s walls go up, shaping politics after Paris mass murders

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Data & Market Moving News ....



's Constancio: Markets have showed calm reaction to . Too early to know fin, econ impact of Attacks

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Oct CPI revised up to 0.1%YoY from flat. Core CPI rose 1.1%YoY vs 1.0% of initial reading.

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Market resilience after : French benchmark index CAC40 trades 0.9% after open.

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Talks with lenders to resume after slow progress over weekend

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rallies after BUT Fed still dominates outlook.

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| CSRC has started investigating mutual funds for illegal activity

's bonds advance as country bombs Islamic State targets. 10yr yields drop to 0.87%.

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| OCT WHOLESALE PRICES Y/Y: -3.8% V -3.8%E...12th straight negative reading

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German 10y Bund yields drop after the Nov. 13 attacks in Paris boosted demand for haven assets.

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Nikkei ends down 1.0% at 19393.69 and Yen strengthens on global de-risking after and dismal Japan data

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slips to 6 1/2-month lows after . Dropped briefly below $1.07

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in tatters: relapses into recession on business investments & inventories.

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Good Morning from Berlin. Asia mkts slide after on rush to safety & Japan doom data but losses limited

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