Sunday, October 4, 2015

MENA Report ( October 4 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates ( Lead Story -- Russia continues its Airstrikes against not just ISIS , but also additional Groups defined as "Terrorist Groups " in Syria - campaign set to last 3- months -- additional battlefield and political items touching upon Syria ; Iraq continues to fight its grinding internal war - battlefield updates for various Regions in Iraq , as well as political development ) ....... Libya Updates ( Political developments related to Dialogue Process , Battlefield developments across the country ) ...... Yemen In Focus ( Political developments and battlefield updates )


US Kurdish Allies Welcome Russian Airstrikes

Despair as Iraq Cuts Off Wages in ISIS Cities

White House Calls for Probe Into Yemen Civilian Deaths

US Airstrike Kills 19 Afghan Hospital Staff, 37 Hurt

Afghan Military, Police Trade Blame as Taliban Holds Kunduz

Obama Rules Out Cooperation With Russia on Syria Strikes

Putin Ally: Russian Strikes in Syria to Last 3-4 Months

UN Mulls Assad-Led Syrian 'Transition' Period

Leading Iraqi Cleric Urges Wider War Against ISIS

89 Killed in Iraq as Bombers Strike Near Baghdad Shrine

US Tries to 'Deconflict' Russian Airstrikes in Syria

US-Backed Syrian Rebels Appeal for Antiaircraft Missiles

Obama: Russia Failing to Distinguish Between ISIS and Moderate Insurgents in Syria

Syria's Political Opposition Says Rejects Transitional Role for Assad

Syria Doubts Value of Talks, Air Strikes Useless Without Damascus

Yemen Yemen Severs Diplomatic Ties With Iran: State Media

Human Rights Groups Assail UN Panel's Yemen Resolution

2.44 Million People in Libya Need Protection, Aid: UN


Iraq / Syria .....

Cordesman: Explaining Syria through Humpty Dumpty:

Saudis Mull Launch Of Regional War As Russia Pounds Targets In Syria For Fourth Day

Erdogan: making ‘grave mistake’ in Syria

As background: The main rebel groups in Rastan-enclave are Nusra (Al-Qaeda), Ahrar Sham, Faylak Homs &Jaish Tawhid (FSA)

Main groups in Rastan-enclave (Nusra, Ahrar &FSA) have declared "joined operation room" 2 deal with current situation

Russian strikes focus on Talbiseh/Rastan (Green). Might be prelude to SAA ground operation to retake Rastan-enclave

PT: Army has also got its hands on Italian-made IVECO LMV M65 tactical vehicles, likely provided by :

new pic from inside the Russian Base in shows -S1 air defence system in the back

700 militants have turned themselves in to today in

“There is panic and defection among them. About 600 mercenaries have left their positions and are trying to reach Eu…

Gulf states plan military response as Putin raises the stakes in Syria

Turkey wants a security zone in northern Syria to resettle refugees. This is why:

Russia continues airstrike campaign - mainly in Hpms / Rastan area...

Russia reports on its air strike activity in Syria

Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi issues serious warning to Maliki

Turkish jets strike PKK targets in eastern Turkey, Iraq - Anadolu Agency

Jordanian lawmaker's son joins ISIS, carries suicide attack in Iraq

Libya ......

Federalists say if no deal is reached we will declare a an independent Cyrenaica State.

Tripoli hardliners are saying if a deal is signed we will take take up arms and fight.

- Europe & the USA trying to win Haftar over in fear of Russia winning him over first? as Haftar seal arms deals with Thini's help.

Tripoli-based govt objects to speech by head of Tobruk-based (recognised) govt at UN last week.

Is Khalifa Hifter Libya’s next Qaddafi? shares insights from inside Benghazi:

2.4million people - nearly half the population of need protection and aid, says the UN

The International Community has done all it can to get -ns to agree a unity gov, now it is up to Libyans to decide for their country.

A handy map to understand a confusing Libya.

militants are regrouping in large numbers near Bin Jawwad for possible assault on 's oil crescent


war in increasingly becoming impossible to win -

PM tells Houthis: no more ‘adventures’

Yemen premier vows to press on with campaign to retake territory from Shiite Houthi rebels

UN allows Saudi Arabia to investigate their own in Yemen