Sunday, October 4, 2015

Special Report - Greece ( October 4 , 2015 ) - Updates Of note ( List of 48 Prior Actions , that must be completed in the next two weeks for Greece to get the next dollop of Bailout Funds from the Troika , set for EWG approval Monday ; apart from these 48 prior actions , there will be further measures / steps / prior actions galore for Greece ; Will Shipowners bolt Greece if major tax hikes imposed against the Industry - what will the Greece economy look like in that eventuality ? Political items of note - domestic politics ; economic data of note ; Refugee crisis concerns and developments ; Odds & Ends ! )


List of 48 Prior Actions needs to implement asap to get €2bn (PART I)

List of 48 Prior Actions needs to implement asap to get €2bn (PART II)

Greece likely to meet deadline for bank money release: euro zone officials

must stick to program to exit bailout: PM <-but will Greece ever exit supervision (Fiscal Compact rules)?

Moscovisi on : "More measures, apart from those in the MoU, will be needed." ~via

Syriza MP Voutsis has been elected as new Parliament Speaker with 181 votes out of 297.

Based on personal income tax declarations, avg family income at €12.4k in 2014 from €18.3k in 2010, down 32.1% (via )

62.8% of personal income tax declarations show annual family income up to €12K, 81.5% less than €20K for 2014 (via )

Looks like Turkey and the EU have a tentative Agreement to have Turkey play a larger role with EU's Refugee Crisis

Greece: Lack of reception capacity could seriously jeopardize 's relocation programme

'Greece should leave the euro and unless it does I don’t hold that much hope for it I’m afraid' - leading economist

New: 2015 sea arrivals to near 400,000. Sept alone = 168,000, 5X Sept 2014 numbers

396,500 sea arrivals to in 2015 are from refugee producing countries