Saturday, October 3, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( October 3 , 2015 ) ...... Refugee Crisis Updates ( Looming onset of winter could turn transit state Greece into an unplanned for winter destination - has any pro-active planning occurred for this possibility ? And as the Syria War takes media focus away from the refugee crisis , the refugees continue to stream into Europe - expecting Turkey , Lebanon and Jordan to do more to assist Europe during this global displacement movement is likely to fall on deaf and financially incapable ears ) ........ Greece Updates ( Impacted by the Refugee Crisis and treated akin to a Refugee amidst the EZ - MOU herculean tasks and trial lay ahead for the Greece Gov't to obtain bailout euros and alleged debt relief , political updates both domestic and international touching on Greece ) .... Broader Europe in focus ( Germany celebrates 25th Anniversary of its Reunification , Brexit for UK ? Europe a case of " haves and have nots " economically , Lagarde interview by Huff Po , Catalonia in focus , ECB flailing but will do more of the same QE , Merkel sinking in popularity due to Refugee situation ? )

Refugee Crisis Updates .....

Turkey's Erdogan has already rejected a €1bn EU offer in aid for refugees. Why?

Refugee crisis puts Athens on the brink. Must read by via

Erdogan meets Tusk, Juncker&Schulz Monday, as EU tries to convince Turkey to do more on via

Croatia expected to reach 100,000 migrants having entered&gone north to Hungary/Austria since mid-September til Oct 2, says interior min.

UNHCR: Greece migrant&refugee arrivals expected to reach 400,000 soon, in September 5 times more than Sept last year

For perspective, I offer simply this: an aerial photo of one of the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan.

So the great EU hotspot strategy is to hire an extra 30 asylum processing staff (EASO), 60 border guards (Frontex), 30 policemen (Europol)


Greek PM says main target to regain market access, end bailout

Wouldn't this just increase uncertainty again? Greece needs certainty for investment, jobs

Imf's botched involvement in greece attacked by former watchdog chief

has 201 prior actions to complete by end of program in June 2018. More than 40 will have to be done in next weeks. Front-loading

EWG approves list of more than 40 prior actions will have to carry out in next weeks to receive next tranche of 2bln -

arrivals are from 97% refugee-producing countries: UNHCR 70% 18% 4%

| ND Officials confirm there are 4 candidates for party's leadership: - MEIMARAKIS - Mitsotakis - Tzitzikostas - Georgiadis

Working Group: asked to complete 48 milestones by mid-October in order to comply with bailout conditions ~ BBG

MT EWG on : 1st set of milestones will be much easier than 2nd Which one will probably incl bank recap & the hardest Reforms

gov't Officials affirm That Reforms asked 'by the counterparts' Will Be Implemented.

report on : 2/3 of Reforms agreed not implemented, mostly two to snap elex. 1st review not to be completed be4 Dec ~

Should not expect big debt writedown, 's Regling says/ Via

Broader Europe.....

How the Eurozone has split in two

MUST READ: 's Christine Lagarde On , Refugees And The Gender Gap (Interview to ) via

While celebrates 25yrs of reunification, 's Regling his 65 birthday. EFSF yields negative out to 4yrs.

Germany celebrates 25ys of reunification, an econ success as Dax shows that has beaten French CAC by whopping 150ppts

DB revises ECB call. Expects 6mth extension of QE to be announced in Dec as ECB has failed to prop up inflation expec



polls [ARD-DeutschlandTrend]: Merkel suffers 9p loss in voters' satisfaction rating / via