Saturday, October 24, 2015

MENA Report - ( October 24 - 25 , 2015 ) Iraq / Syria Regional War In Focus ( Iraq and Jordan begun co-ordinating with Russia in the fight against ISIS - even as coup rumors are floated , Russia ready and willing to provide the FSA with air support - is FSA ready to co-ordinate with Russia or not ? ( As of now , answer seems to be not ) , Syria Talks between Russia / US / Turkey and Saudi Arabia fail to reach agreement , may meet in coming week ) ....... ISIS Item Of Note - how can they sell their oil and to whom , how do they buy required equipment and obtain technical assistance - in the midst of the Coalition campaign and presumed withholding of trade by Coalition and GCC nations ? ...... Libya In Focus - Dialogue Talks in limbo , senseless violence including mortar shelling of peaceful protesters continues unabated ....... Refugee Crisis Updates.......


Despite US Campaign, ISIS Oil Trade Booming

Pak PM: We Can't Kill Taliban if We Want Talks

Report: Iraq Authorizes Russia to Strike ISIS Convoys

Kerry: New Syria Talks to Begin as Soon as Next Week

37 Killed in Iraq Including Imam

53 Killed, Including Children, Across Iraq

ISIS Attacks Syrian Army Supply Route to Aleppo: Monitor

Refugee Flows to Greece Surge, UN Says Russian Airstrikes Not to Blame

The Refugees Who Landed on Britain's Cypriot Base 17 Years Ago – and Are Still in Limbo

UN Experts Criticize Using Force Against Migrant Boats

Worried Slovenia Might Build Fence to Cope With Migrant Crisis

Germany Speeds New Measures to Deal With Refugee Influx

Iraq / Syria .....

Russian MP: Assad says fighting and defeating ‘terrorism’ comes first, then elections

ISIS supply lines at risk with Kurdish Cantons in Northern syria and abutting Turkey ...... wonder how that may be received in various quarters ? ?

Image result for kurdish cantons in syria

Image result for kurdish cantons in syria

says won't let Kurds ‘seize’ northern -

Russia Releases Dramatic Assessment Of ISIS Strikes, As US Sees "Little Green Men" In Syria

White House/DOD talking about No Fly Zone. New ISW paper on a NFZ coming out today.

My take on why a no fly zone in Syria won’t work with comparison to previous Iraqi experience.

Egyptian-born Abu Suleiman al-Masri was killed in by

Is US now losing Jordan as well as Iraq to Russia's middle east alliance ?

Who is spreading rumors about a coup in ?

Iraq authorizes Russian airstrikes against Daesh | Al Bawaba

Syria rebels reject Russia help against ISIS, new elections

: Ready to provide Syria's with air support -

Refugees in Assad stronghold welcome Russian airstrikes in Syria

Russia, US, Turkey and Saudi fail to agree on Syria


EU's selective outrage:only migrants deserve empathy. The suffering of those in the MENA,made worse by EU&US foreign policy, doesn't matter.

- Leon's job is more difficult (or even impossible) following the terrorist attack yesterday. Some saying he must go.

For those asking, why people in E , especially support LNA & Haftar? I refer you to this article

-n Govs & Intl Community failure to deal with terrosim in reinforces the idea that Haftar's solution is the only solution.

Deadly rocket attack hits protest in Libya's Benghazi

More photos of today's anti-Islamist rally in 's before it was dispersed with mortar rounds

Pictures from the scene at 's al-Kish Square after shells were fired at a demonstration.

Refugee Crisis.....

EU's Juncker wants decisions on Balkan refugee crisis on Sunday: BERLIN (Reuters) - European Commission…

RT Europe refugee crisis: Balkan countries threaten to close borders if Germany does

Lebanon key to resolving global refugee crisis: Interview with Lebanese MP Robert Fadel: Lebanon has often bee...