Sunday, October 25, 2015

EUCO Special Summit On Refugee / Migration Concerns ( October 26 , 2015 ) ..... Ahead of Sunday's EU & Balkan Leaders Mini Summit ( See Overview in body of post ) , items of note on the topic including : ongoing refugee flows into Greece and related strains ; divergent political views w/i EUCO on how to address the situation of both refugees and economic migrants ; Turkey as " Kingmaker " in EUCO Crisis - Jordan and Lebanon will be heard from at some time ; " Merkel In The Middle " - at home and EUCO ; Sweden's dark face , not unlike Germany's dark side on display , not unlike dark side shown by mystery men in Greece attacking refugee boats at sea ; France has its own asylum issues ;

Refugee Crisis.....

17 point of action agreed upon at Sunday Special summit !


Sunday afternoon, leaders of the European countries most affected by migration will gather for a mini-summit. German Chancellor Angela Merkel pushed for the gathering, which will be hosted by European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker and attended by European Council President Donald Tusk. According to a draft of Mr. Juncker’s proposal, leaders from 10 nations along the main migrant route into Europe will be asked to stop waving people through, fingerprint everyone who enters their territory and deploy 400 border guards to Slovenia.

Serb PM A.Vucic: Not sure we're going to conclude smth that would be very helpful immediately.

"If We Don't Find A Solution Today, It's The End Of The European Union" - Refugee Crisis Hits Tipping Point

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Greece Records Highest Weekly Migration Inflows in 2015 So Far

Worth emphasising again: Turkey is buying its way into the EU with a deal that won’t solve the refugee crisis

EU & Balkans leaders hold crisis refugee summit - News

Europe's refugee crisis – a visual guide

Can Merkel survive the refugee crisis? asked several scholars—read their responses:

Now 'it's about either a common Europe or about a quiet collapse of the EU,' - Austrian Chancellor

EU Mini Summit: No Balkan buffer zones, a plan that prevents movement w/o agreement. The problem is on ?

EU and Balkans leaders hold crisis refugee summit

Sweden's Migration Projection Doubles in Three Months (And It Won't Stop There); No Cash, Just Vouchers (Hah!)...

On eve of migrant and refugee crisis talks, Europe leaders split

Sweden could cut aid to Africa projects, diverting funds home for refugee crisis

EU “hotspots” solution deepens crisis by

Armed, masked Greek men attack refugee boats, leaving stranded people to die at sea – HRW

Juncker's plan for Sunday summit: Stop shuttling people, fingerprint all, treat them humanely via

French auditors deliver damning verdict on country's 'broken' asylum system

A question likely 2remain unanswered at minisummit is what would happen when Germany closes its borders

Orbán slams EU migration policies ahead of Juncker’s mini-summit via My take ahead of small

Hungary won’t open ‘corridors’ for refugees on its southern borders

'I don't know this Sweden', says PM after latest asylum center arson

JUST IN: Emergency summit on refugee crisis called by European Commission president

Lebanon and Jordan have the most refugees per capita in the world. And Turkey took almost 2 million Syrian refugees.

expands army powers to help police guard border amid refugee crisis - report

Warnings over resurgence of German far-Right movement Pegida sparked by refugee crisis

Refugee crisis divides society’ - on fires in foreigners’ houses in Germany

Turkey cannot turn into a concentration camp where all refugees stay in, PM Davutoglu says

Much resistance among EU leaders to fast-tracking waivers for , cites diplomats