Monday, October 26, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( October 26 , 2015 ) ..... Refugee Crisis Updates ....... Swiss Bank Hottinger Bank Has Bankruptcy Proceedings Initiated ...... German IFO Data Released Today - October IFO Confidence Index Beats Estimates / Expectations Above Forecasts ... Spain Elections And Economic items Of The Day ..... Greece Updates Of The Day .......Polish Election Items ..... Portugal Election Reflection...... Asia In Focus - China Items , Market Re-risking After China Cuts RRR And Interest Rates !


El Mundo front page: "Catalan parliament accepts independence process is underway".

| 1/2 Talks btwn Socialists, Left Bloc & Communists continue. Pending issues include % of min wage increase, taxation, labor law.

2/2 It is understood that issues of NATO & euro membership will not be raised. Focus will be on reversing austerity. Deal expected in a week

Diplomat from one non-invited state calls EU Commission only inviting 8 states for Balkan summit "unbelievable"

S&P: 's parl election outcome has no immediate rating impact despite winners PiS' agenda incl ext spending plans, among other things.

Hottinger Bank was one of the oldest Swiss Banks. R.I.P.

leaders move to slow migrant arrivals

Donetsk regional says in to take place either on Nov. 15, or in January 2016

Can 's banks avoid a massive wipeout of their private creditors thru €25bn recap scheme? They're going to try

In Catalonia, the first session of the new regional parliament will begin at 11 a.m., to elect former ANC chairwoman Forcadell as Speaker.

's Ifo: Volkswagen scandal no impact on German Auto industry. Business climate in Auto industry rose in Oct.

Rajoy is holding an extraordinary Monday cabinet meeting, after which he is expected to formally announce the general election for Dec 20.

Greece Agrees to Accomodate 50,000 Refugees But Not in Single Camp

MAersk seeks to cut operating costs by 20% by end-2016

October IFO Confidence Index beats at 108.2 (median forecast 107.8); IFO Expectations beats too at 103.8 (est 102.3; prev 103.3)

says Rada to make decisions on re-elections in , as soon as possible

Ifo business climate and expectations top estimates at 108.2 and 103.8. Current conditions slightly below estimates at 112.6

Greece aims to prove it means business by restarting its privatization process

Markets not scared by historic win of Eurosceptic Party in . 10y Polish yields unchg.

Absence of from mini summit on is unjustified. Same goes for and . is alone on that.

Greece has committed to opening enough reception centers to house 30,000 refugees by the end of 2015 ... anyone believe this will happen?

Euro weakens vs Yen as ECB's Draghi seen pressuring Bank of .

Local in marked by , low turnout

Dull campaign leads to low in

17 point of action agreed upon at Sunday Special summit !

The scandal reaches top of : College knew automakers gaming NOx emissions 2yrs ago, documents show

Me in Times: Portugal isn't run by its Lisbon parliament but by a central bank in Frankfurt

ousts govt as Eurosceptic Law & Justice Party gains historic majority.



Rail freight volume in China collapsed 16.5% Y/Y in September - economy clearly in recession.

Emerging Stocks Fall as China Rate Cut Heightens Growth Concerns

starts Plenary Session during which draft of 13th 5Yr Plan. Doubling GDP in 2010-2020 requires 6.5% growth pa

China rate cuts rekindle animal spirits of speculators. Margin credit rises to highest since Aug in tandem w/ stocks

Nikkei ends up 0.7% at 18947.12 as and pave way for more easing by Bank of .

Good Morning from Berlin. Markets continue to re-risk after adds to global stimulus.