Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MENA Report ( October 27-29 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War - Battlefield updates - US going to put boots on the ground in Iraq , political updates ...... Saudi Arabia Updates - Yemen involvement takes deadly turn as MFS Hospital bombed , Saudis talk with Russia on resolving Syria conflict , Saudi domestic terror rising - sectarianism on the rise at home ...... Libya " Ball of Confusion " continues - Questions on who shot-down Helicopter with key official onboard from Tripoli Government , Dialogue Talks occurring this week ? How likely , with everything else going on - good luck with that ?


Lack of Syrian Involvement in Vienna Syria Talks

US Has Secretly Been in Combat in Iraq for Months

Turkey May Attack US-Backed Syrian Kurds

Pentagon: 'We're in Combat' in Iraq

Iraq: We Never Requested US Ground Operations

Saudi Airstrikes Destroy MSF Hospital in Yemen

US Officials Asked About Hospital Days Before Bombing It

US to Launch Ground Action in Iraq, Syria

Canadian Strikes Linked to 2nd Charge of Civilian Casualties in Iraq

Russian Air Strikes Pose Twin Threat to Turkey

'No Consensus' in Free Syrian Army About Talks With Russia

Turkey 'Repeatedly Opened Fire' on Kurd Fighters in Northern Syria

Turkish Police Raid Media Group Linked to Erdogan Foe as Election Looms

As Talks on Syria Begin, the Future of Assad Will Be Set Aside – for Now

Qatar Rules Out Military Intervention in Syria

Iraq's Coalition Members Press PM to Consult Before Ordering Reforms

Canada Still Bombing ISIS in Lead-Up to New Govt Policy

Iraq to Adjust Military Spending, Hire 10,000 New Forces: Minister

At Least 64 Killed in Iraq Including ISIS Prisoners

Policemen and Tribal Leaders Among 105 Killed in Iraq

Iraq Executes Prisoners; 120 Killed Across Country

Murdered Iraq Trade Ministry Official Was About to Expose Corruption: Officials

Germany Mulls 'Specific Strengths' to Offer Iraq in Fight Against ISIS

Al-Qaeda Commander Explains How the Group Is Using ISIS to Make Itself Look 'Moderate'

Russia Says Flew 164 Sorties in Syria in Last 3 Days: RIA

Putin and Saudi King Salman Discuss Resolving Syria Crisis

Blast Hits Mosque in Southwestern Saudi City

Open Sectarianism in Saudi Arabia Frightens Shi'ites

Libyan Activist From UK Admits Part in £18.6m Arms Deal

Suicide Bomber Kills Two Militiamen in Yemen's Aden: Security Source


10/28 .....

More than 1,000 migrants rescued off Libya today.

10/27 ....

Confusion over the Dawn helicopter crash. LNA has denied its own spokesperson's claims & ordered an investigation into his claims.

's LNA has now denied responsibility for the shooting of a helicopter west of & opened an investigation in spox's claims.


AP quoting Tripoli sources: Helicopter was taking salaries (cash) to Surman. But it had two top western military commanders on board.

's National Army spokesperson in Eastern says forces linked to them shot the helicopter near down.

Rising tensions in western following crash of a helicopter nr Zawia. Some suggest it may have been shot down. Forces being mobilized.

Unclear if planned UN peace talks will begin this week.

Syria / Iraq.......


Obama approves deployment of U.S. ground forces in Syria.

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Supercut: The Obama Administration Promises There Will Be No Boots on the Ground in Syria

New allies in northern Syria don’t seem to share U.S. goals

No Houses for Arabs in Kurdish Sulaymaniyah - as per recent council ruling that bans Arabs from owning real estate


Qatar rules out military intervention in Syria

Saudi Arabia and Iran will discuss Syria face-to-face for the first time:

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Iran has accepted an invitation to join the US and Russia in talks on Syria’s future

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US General: Iran has fewer than 2,000 troops in Syria

OPINION: is showing real signs of staying power in . Columnist Dr. John C. Hulsman writes:

Balkans Reel as Number of Migrants Hits Record: Fresh fighting in Syria and growing fears of border closings a...

US weighs special forces in Syria, helicopters in Iraq - Reuters: ReutersUS weighs special forces in Syria, he...

OPINION: Quietly, is ceasing to exist. Columnist Dr. John C. Hulsman writes:

Proxy War Paradox: US To Put More Boots On Ground In Iraq As Baghdad Looks To Moscow

Iraq and Syria aren't security problems. They're political problems, with security symptoms.

-i Sunnis ready to fight but lack support, says tribal leader:

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ISIS rises in Aden as chaos descends on port city

did not want to get involved in the conflict in "

Saudi Arabia......

Arabia mil spox says never bombed hospital; ambassador says gave wrong coordinates to coalition

EXCLUSIVE: Saudi Arabia admits bombing MSF hospital in Yemen — but faults MSF:

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Saudi Arabia used the UN to brag about helping Yemen while still bombing Yemen:

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