Saturday, September 26, 2015

Special Alert " World Politics " Edition ( September 26 , 2015 ) - Spanish Regional Election will be political event of the weekend - will Catalans go hard for " Junts pel Sí " In the Regional Election , understanding what's at stake here - much more than justa typical Regional Election this go round......... The Global refugee crisis - part of the complex political dynamics in play with civilians as collateral damage ......

Morning Tweets.....

Catalans hold pro-independence rally in Barcelona ahead of regional elections

Here is all our coverage on the Catalan elections in English so far:

Catalonia goes to the polls in an 'incredible moment for democracy'

Spain on tenterhooks ahead of Catalan vote: Nationalists are using Sunday’s Catalan election as a vote on inde...

La Razón front page: 
"Mas to be charged on day after election" (for November vote) "Vote for the unity of Spain"

Refugee Crisis .....

.: "Our world is facing a refugee crisis of a magnitude not seen since the Second World War."

: Nearly 10,000 migrants entered on Friday, a new record, says Croatian interior ministry. ”

Refugee + migrant sea arrivals to in 2015 has now reached almost half a million:

Libya situation continues to fester and Dialogue process still appears on the rocks...

Iran being brought back into the mainstream of geopolitical processes....

Very interesting food for thought !

Opinion: Can anyone stop the killing in Syria? (by )

BREAKING: Bulgarian Orthodox Church calls on government to not allow more Muslim refugees into the country.

Greece pondering opening up its land border with Turkey (Evros fence) for refugees. Big news if it happens.

Merkel seeks German unity on refugee crisis

Solution of problem cannot be achieved by military: leader

Turkish PM proposes international mechanism to handle Syrian refugee crisis - DIPLOMACY via

Escaping Syria to Europe's unknown

Refugee crisis: how can we make relocation work? Share your experiences via

How countries of Central Europe & the Baltics can turn the challenge of today’s refugee crisis into an opportunity:

80% of Yemen’s population now need humanitarian assistance:

UNHCR coordinator says Europe must prepare for millions more migrants unless there is an end to the civil war in Syria

Croatian border police face refugees at the border with Serbia.
 Croatian border police face refugees at the border with Serbia. Photograph: Antonio Bat/EPA

Senior advisor to Assad says Russia and US have reached tacit deal to end Syria war. More in our Executive Summary:

Lots of leaders saying this suddenly --> Let's talk to Syria's Assad, Merkel says