Sunday, September 27, 2015

Election Day -Spain ( September 27 , 2015 ) - Voters In Catalonia head to the polls in a historic Regional Election , examining the background and history of Catalonia quest for independence ....... Greece In Focus - Updates as to the ongoing refugee crisis , economic data , MOU reform steps needed to free up bailout funds , update as to the condition of the banking system ....... The Global Refugee Crisis - A Thirty Thousand Foot View !

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So taking the three together, not a huge difference in the pro-indy vote between 2012 and 2015:

Coalition of pro-independence parties far from a done deal. Catalonia looks set for short-term political instability.

Secessionist CUP, which will be key to next Catalan leader's election, warns that premier Mas "is not indispensable"

Quim Arrufat of pro-indie confirms to TV3 that the party won’t support as president

With 82% of votes counted, Catalan separatists get majority in seats (73) but not in % (only 47%: 39% JxSí + 8% CUP)

Catalan politicians may not dare to declare independence as there's no hard majority.But Rajoy must make concessions

Spanish Regional Election - Catalonia....

Elections (48,07% of the votes counted)

Clear pro-independence result after according to first polls: 74-79 seats (63-66 Junts pel Sí + 11-13 CUP) & 50% votes

MORE: Pro-independence parties to win 74-79 out of 135 parliamentary seats - polls

LATEST: TV3 exit poll suggests Catalan separatists win election.

Voter turnout at the Catalan elections is now said to have surpassed 63% - 7% more than in 2012

Voter turnout in the second-largest city in Catalonia, L"Hospitalet, at 4pm: 51.51%: in 2012 it was 46.07% and ...

Turnout in elections beats records. 34.78% had voted by 1pm 5% more than 2012 and 10% above 2010

Acc to Spanish press at 1pm voter turnout was 35%. That's 6% more than it was at 1pm in 2012. Who will benefit from higher turnout?

Catalonia elections: number of postal votes up 56% compared to 2012.

Hard to say who'll benefit from high turnout in Catalonia - but clear that come this evening we'll know where Catalans stand on independence

This graph shows total voter participation in previous Catalan regional elections. The figure for 2015 shows ...

Artur Mas: "We are faced with a plebiscite. This is not a normal vote".

From Madrid, there has been very little clarity about what's next: Rajoy Must Describe His Next Steps In Catalonia


What would actually change if declared independence from Spain?

Who are the key players in the election?


Greece-bound boat with sinks off Turkish coast, 17 people dead

Long-term unemployment rate. Greece: 18.9% Spain: 12.4% Italy: 7.5% France: 4.5 Japan: 3.6% Germany: 2.2% Turkey: 2% UK: 1.8% US: 1.4%

With 105 reforms to be passed by yr end, Greece+lenders 2 decide this wk which to pass first to unlock aid

bank shortfall estim @ €5-7bln after AQR. Cap needs incl b'line stress test (2 be covered by priv inv) @ €9-11bln (via )

Former IMF Executive Board Member - Greece: The Miracle that didn't happen will lead the country to another crisis

ESM: ‘Greece Must Implement Reforms Before Receiving Any Installments’

Refugee Crisis .....

Anti-migrant rally draws thousands in (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Everyone should read what the UN has to say about the refugee crisis

Debunking myths about the burden of hosting refugees:

If countries want to stop the flow of refugees from Syria, they'll need to increase efforts to end the war:

Escaping Syria to Europe's unknown

German Town Authorities Force Citizens Out of Homes to Accommodate Refugees

Leader of Criminal Ring Smuggling Migrants to Europe Murdered in