Friday, September 25, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views ( September 25 , 2015 ) ..... Broader Europe In Focus ( VW shares reverse field as news emerges faked test results managed from German offices , UK in the news , Immigration aand Europe capaicity - via Bruegel , Demographics of note , Vanis Varoufakis interview - Austerity as class war , ECB joining EU in getting politic regarding Spain's upcoming Local Election - Catalan in focus again ) ....... Your Morning Greece Updates ( Political , Economic , MOU/ Debt Relief news and data of the day ) .... Asia and Emerging Market Updates ( Brazil , China , Japan , Singapore and Malaysia items of note )

Morning Tweets.......

Broader Europe.....

How Spain halted the flow of migrants from Mauritania to the Canary Islands by

It seems Britain's EU referendum may not happen before 2017 after all

election on Sunday. Pro-independence alliance polling @ >38%, while Ciudadanos & Podemos-linked coalition fight for 2d place.

Ukraine ready to receive Middle East, Africa


VW ABS said to be cut from Bank of France offer list as VW default probability jumps >18% .

Said to Manage Faked Test Results From German Offices, BBG reports citing sources. Shares down >5%.

: Germany's Dobrindt: 2.8 million cars in affected in scandal

BREAKING: Croatia lifts border blockage with Serbia amid

Bank of England warns buy-to-let is the next big threat to UK financial stability | via

1m immigrants get permanent lawful resident status annually in US. Could Europe do the same? )

Females in labour force for every 100 males France: 88 Russia: 87 US: 86 UK: 85 China: 84 Japan: 75 Indonesia: 62 India: 36 Iran: 23 (WEF)

VW’s cheating is just the tip of the iceberg

No ECB Funding for Catalan Banks? Wait a Second

'Peace in won't stop migrant influx'

Hungary erects more border fencing - with what appears to be razor wire.

‘If we cannot solve this, Schengen is over’: Hungarian PM’s insights into EU migrant policy

private sector loans nudge forward. Increased by 1% in Aug vs 0.9% in Jul but still lags M3 growth.


cap controls halt exodus after banks lose €43bn. Savings rose for 1st time in 11mths.

Lagarde list probe has yielded 80 million euros for the state

An interesting proposal for recapitalizing the banks:

Greek bank credit eases 1.6 pct in August on slightly accelerating negative flow

Greece sees deposit inflows of 449 mln in August for first time since Sept 2014

Greece's Tsipras says reforms, debt relief are priority

Putin to call Tsipras Friday evening. Will talk "congrats 2 elections", bilateral issues & check option for a meeting at UNGenAssmbl

Deadline for release of banks Q2 results extended by another month until end-Oct.

Greek Islands To Be Stripped of Special VAT Status Beginning October 1st

Asia and Emerging Markets....

Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis: Tracking the Implosion of Brazil; Be Careful of What You Wish; Perf via

Rousseff tries to shore up position with offer to coalition ally - via Deep trouble

This is a very, very unusual signal: when did you see a state-owned Chinese fund manager dumped a large domestic brokerage like this crazy?

State-owned Cinda raised over HK$1.5B from stock sale of CITIC, following Beijing's arrests of senior CITIC execs amid insider trading probe

BREAKING: China state asset manager Cinda dumps HK-listed stock of top brokerage CITIC, cutting its holdings to 5.94% from 10.36% originally

Components making up Singapore GDP growth- relatively strong services won't offset manufacturing slump- Credit Suisse

Singapore industrial production miss -7% y/y, broad-base weakness. CS: Q3 technical recession, Oct MAS easing likely.

Looking for some yield? Malaysia state comp Dollar Bonds slump to record, Yields jump to 9%.

5y default probability jumps >17% as fallout from investigation into state company spreads.

Nikkei closes up 1.8% at 17880.51 despite core CPI turned to negative for the 1st time since Apr2013.

The US’s tech elite assembled to meet China’s president—and posed for an amazing class photo

Hours after President Xi began his state visit to USA in Washington DC, Chinese stock market began to sink nearly 2%, now below 3,100 points