Saturday, September 5, 2015

Refugee Situation - Special Report ( September 5 , 2015 ) Examining the " Causes and Effects " Of Global Displacement Causing Refugees , Pondering The Selfless Acts From Average Men & Women - And The Selfish Acts Of Various " World Leaders " - Not All World Leaders Though ( Finland PM Sipilia Opens Doors To His Home For Refugees ) ...... Lots for everyone to consider - but one closing thought....... "geese "migrate " , people fleeing poverty and war zones are refugees ......

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OPINION: We are the condemned wanderers from the East. Columnist writes

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Refugee situation - is there any wonder why though ? People will escape War Zones....


Why people are fleeing Syria: a brief, simple explanation - Vox

In modern war the innocent suffer. 
While Politicians & Generals sleep soundly in their delusions.

"These are the heaviest air strikes that Sanaa has endured."

France eyes strikes against in Syria – report

In today strike in revenge 4 their dead soldier 27civiliansKilld in only

caught in crossfire of mass crisis

To deal with the refugee crisis you need to understand the cause

Ahead of Xi's US visit, China's Xinhua posts editorial on American intervention in Syria, Libya, Iraq & Afghanistan:

47 dead as opposition battle ISIL in northern Syria

None stop airstrikes by since last night up2now shake different areas n including

UN: Syria's conflict is being 'driven' by world powers

is one of key architects of in , ’ - associate prof

Lack of funds: World Food Programme drops aid to one-third of Syrian refugees

US-Led Coalition Against Launches 21 Airstrikes in Syria, Iraq - DoD

Why people are heading for Europe: Peace remains a distant dream in Afghanistan

Make no mistake — it’s European governments who are to blame for the deadly migrant crisis.

Iraq Situation Report: September 1 - 3, 2015: The powerbrokers leading the most lethal Ira...

"Germany and Sweden Are Said to Help Make Afghan ‘Kill Decisions’"


crossing the sea to Europe by

  • Regional Refugee & Resilience Plan 40% funded $2.71 billion still needed this year Source FTS

  • 'No limits': Germany opens borders to 7,000 migrants and refugees

    A remarkable 24hrs. Walking with exhausted refugees from Budapest to Vienna on the M1.

    'It's a genuine tragedy,' but we won't take – US Spokesman

    Images of the 4,000 refugees and migrants arriving at the Austrian border

    Nearly $1 billion went missing in U.S. Funding to Afghanistan for work with refugees....

    7 heartbreaking photos that show the human faces of Europe's refugee crisis

    Germany prepares for up to 10,000 refugees today - live updates

    So at present people can walk very easily over the border. They then queue up here for the bus to the station

    This refugee crisis is too big for Europe to handle - its institutions are broken

    The : A call to compassion

    What is quite inspiring is how Hungarian volunteers have stationed themselves on most buses to help the people onboard.

    Humans must help other humans. Where they come from is irrelevant.

    How German football made a humanitarian crisis its mission, while the British game isn't so sure.

    First in Europe? Finnish PM Sipilä joins by opening his Oulu home to refugees.

    European leaders are preparing to create a powerful EU-wide border protection force

    They are going to Sweden. Come from Dera in Syria. Where the uprising against Assad began.

    Finnish PM Juha Sipilä says he'll let use his house in Kempele - and urges every Finn welcome in their houses

    Why Syria’s refugees feel more welcome in Europe and not the Gulf

    Inside the refugee crisis that has migrants walking to safety in Europe

    The refugee crisis: Is Australia's 'stop the boats' policy the answer?

    Bus still 90 mins from border. Next to me is Ali, who escaped Mosul, & Marwan, whose home was destroyed in Deraa

    This is a primarily refugee crisis. All states must honor their obligations in keeping with international law.

    Europe's response to the Syrian refugee crisis has been disgraceful. America's has been even worse via

    PHOTOS: The refugee crisis in Europe has been developing for years. Here are some images you may have missed:

    Guardian front page, Saturday 5 September 2015 – Cameron: we won’t join in EU refugee rescue plan

    Greece this week: 23,452 refugees arrived (18,147 from (77,40%), 3,515 from Afghanistan (15%) and 1,204 from Iraq (5%)).

    Refugees entering on 29. Aug., 2015 (country of origin): TOTAL: 1.032 Syria 708 Afghanistan 183 Iraq 68 Pakistan 58 Bangladesh 7

    Infographic: 53% of all refugees in 2014 came from Syria, Afghanistan and Somalia |

    Top 3 places refugees come from are Syria, Afghanistan & Kosovo. Congrats NATO & EU for bringing them democracy...

    Afghan refugees get out from the train at Tabanovcs station after their journey through

    Latest Update of Middle East, North Africa, Afghanistan & Pakistan

    This photo is causing an uproar in the Arab world against regimes. Tsunami of gratitude towards Europe's activists.