Friday, September 4, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( September 4 , 2015 ) - US DATA SPLASh Friday - Non Farm Payroll & Employment Situation ......... Europe In focus ( A mix of market moving news and special emphasis on refugee situation - Hungary in focus ) ...... Greece news of the day - Special focus on both Snap Election and chaos related to refugee situation !

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US - Non Farm Payroll and Employment Situation....

August Payrolls Miss, Rise Only 173K, Even As Prior Revised Higher; Hourly Earnings Rise More Than Expected

Record 94 Million Americans Not In The Labor Force; Participation Rate Lowest Since 1977

Since Dec 2007, 4MM jobs created, 14.9MM Americans have dropped out of the labor force,

Average hourly earnings: Supervisory (18%) vs Non-Supervisory (82%) workers

First drop in manufacturing workers since July 2013

Europe Broadly.......

BREAKING: Austria chancellor: His country, Germany to grant unhindered passage to migrants from - AP

Austria and Germany agree to accept thousands of refugees due to arrive at Hungary's border

Sunset over 's iconic TV tower.

Ruble ends Friday 3% lower. Weakens even more than Oil after horrible inflation numbers.

Hooligans vs refugees: Clashes at train station

RBS expects to accelerate QE to €90bn/mth from Dec + to extend program to Dec2016. Would increase QE to €1.77tn

Hungary says it will transport thousands of migrants to Austrian border by bus:

Anger after party member blames refugee parents for boy’s death

Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland & Slovakia reject any EU quota system for accepting migrants

Inflation in inched up to 15.8% y/y in Aug on Ruble depreciation. Ruble has weakened 45% ytd vs Dollar.

at station have had enough of waiting. Leaving by foot to

poll of polls []:


University of Macedonia poll for Skai also indicates 1 in 3 voters who say they won't vote are SYRIZA supporters. Key pool of votes

poll [MRB/]:
Syriza 25.1 ND 25.1 GD 6 PASOK 5.2 Potami 4.6 EK 3.9 LAE 3.6 ANEL 2.3 Und 15.2

poll [MacedoniaU/]: Syriza 27 ND 27 GD 6.5 KKE 6 Potami 5.5 PASOK 4.5 EK 4.5 LAE 4 ANEL 1.5 Und 10.5

'Whatever you choose, you do not choose'. Only creditors, not voters can change policies. Enjoy the election

poll [MetronAnalysis/]:
ND 24 +2.8 Syriza 23.4 +1.2 KKE 5.2 GD 5.1 Potami 4.8 PASOK 4 EK 4 LAE 3.4 ANEL 2

| Party leaders debate confirmed for September 9. Tsipras - Meimarakis duel September 14.

These pics are heartbreaking. , Ghalib Kurdi & mom now burried in , same town they were trying 2flee

Even after tragedy of & family, 100 ppl from Kobane left city y'day, arrived 2day in Greece via sea from Turkey.

LIVE: Varoufakis: A 10 year old would know that (Greece's debt situation) would not end well

‘Humans, not cattle’: Egyptian mogul wants to buy Mediterranean island to house

Odds & Ends....

: doors are open to welcome

Muslim countries blame the West for turning away desperate migrants, but the Gulf States have taken in zero Syrians.