Sunday, September 6, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( September 6 , 2015 ) Sunday Morning Items From "Officialdom " ( G-20 items , IMF warns Fed to go slow with rate hikes , central Bank items of interest ) ....... Greece In Focus ( Items for Snap Election , Economic items , Stats ) ........ Refugee situation - Items of note on the global situation.

Morning Tweets .......

Central Bank  , G-20 , "Officialdom  World " items .....

G20 pledges to refrain from comp devaluations. 1st time G20 has used such language since 2013.

Central banks' foreign exchange reserves drop over half a trillion dollars in the last year

Markets don't foresee a second Fed rate hike until late 2016

IMF's Lagarde: When the Fed hikes rates, "it should really do it for good, not give it a try and have to come back."

Easy now: IMF's Lagarde says Fed should not rush its rate rise decision

Greece .......

In first mins of Thessaloniki speech, Tsipras mentions corruption, cartels, etc. Central theme of campaign: Syriza=clean, others not

: "There's no chance of an all-party or coalition govt w/ the 'old'. As is our slogan, in Sept 20th we get rid of the old [system]!"

Situation on Lesbos island is dramatic. UN demands evacuation of 17,000 refugees ►

Carly Fiorina: US cannot take any refugees from Syria because they may be terrorists, the Europeans shld take them !

Youth unemployment, current. Greece: 51.8% Spain: 48.6% Italy: 40.5% France: 24.1% UK: 16.1% India: 12.9% US: 11.7% Germany: 7% Japan: 5.5%

Marc for Ethnos
SYRIZA 24.4 ND 24 G Dawn 5.9 Potami 5.1 KKE 4.8 PASOK 4.3 Pop Unity 3.6 Cent Union 3.6 Ind Grks 2.8 Others 1.7

Italian Finance Minister Padoan tells CNBC FIRST: Greece is like an emerging economy in its up-swing phase

Tsipras plays down fears of fractured result in Greek election

The Foundations of Greece’s Failed Economy by Edmund S. Phelps via via

Refugee situation updates......

Austria to close borders again after 12,000 refugees enter from Hungary in 48 hours

Netanyahu rejects calls to accept Syrian refugees, saying Israel "lacks demographic and geographic depth"

Germany's Left Party blames U.S. for refugee crisis, calls on the German government to ask Washington to pay up

Almost 30,000 people to attend pro- rally in Sunday

"We came to the European Union for its human rights, but where are they?"

Cheering German crowds greet refugees after long trek from Budapest to Munich

. it's not "migrant" crisis. It's a . Please revise language. It matters.

: French oppose softer rules on refugee status, favour strikes

Refugee crisis: Where are the Gulf countries?

Austria slams Hungary over its stance, Budapest strikes back

"The Refugee Crisis Isn’t a ‘European Problem’" by MICHAEL IGNATIEFF via NYT

Image of a boy carrying a Real Madrid bag and his father at a station in Bavaria, Germany.

Trans-Iberian blog: Sam Edwards examines the Spanish response to the ongoing refugee crisis

Syria’s  feel more welcome in Europe than in the Gulf via

Joan Burton says there shouldn't be "upper limit" on the number of refugees Ireland takes

Refugee crisis: Pope urges Catholic parishes to take in refugees - live: Full coverage of the worst refugee crisis to hit Europe sinc...

5 ways the EU could improve the refugee situation immediately.

U.N. refugee agency spokeswoman says Britain will take in 4,000 Syrian refugees

Cameron's refugee crisis plan: vote to strike ISIS in Syria & 15k refugees relocation

Gulf monarchies bristle at criticism over response to Syrian refugee crisis

Photojourno V.Mathioudakis, who made these images, punched in the face by riot police for photographing

Refugee crisis: Cooper and Sturgeon offer to put up Syrian refugees - live

Opinion: The refugee crisis raises questions about the nature of leadership in the Arab world

Coastguard and Police attacked refugees stuck at Mitilini harbor for days, without provocation. Also attacked media.

Tears of joy as Germany welcomes refugee trains streaming into Munich via

Ignorance is never bliss. Fear & loathing in our tabloid newspapers.

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