Monday, September 7, 2015

Refugee Crisis - Labor Day Report ( September 7 , 2015 ) Understand the connection between instability and outright Wars underway in MENA / Af- Pak ( links to highlights and tweets ) and the ever-growing refugee situation - which is a growing global problem that must be addressed !


Regional War - Iraq & Syria & / Af- Pak / Yemen

Saudi Airstrikes Kill 44 Civilians Across N. Yemen

US Fight Against ISIS Has Killed Many Civilians

PKK Kills 15 Turkish Troops in Ambush

DNC Head Rep. Wasserman Schultz Backs Iran Deal

Taliban Denies Role in Afghanistan Execution of 13 Shi'ites

60 Saudi-Arab Coalition Troops Killed in Yemen

Kerry Confronts Russia Over Media Reports of Syria 'Buildup'

Druze Kill Syrian Troops After Bombings Kill Dozens

ISIS Are Threatening to Capture a Vital Highway in Syria

Female ISIS Members Gunned Down; 130 Killed Across Iraq

Iran Has Controlled Iraq for Years, Now It May Be Pushed Out.

US Revamping Rebel Force Fighting ISIS in Syria

France Might Soon Begin Airstrikes on ISIS in Syria

Syria Condemns Any UK Military 'Interference'

At Least Four Die as Violence Flares in Eastern Turkey

Human Rights Watch: Yemeni Houthis Used Landmines in Aden

Killings a Cloud Over Afghan Leader's Update on Reforms

Afghanistan Asks Pakistan to Act Against Militants After Talks

Pakistan Says Agrees With Afghanistan to Stop Blame Game Over Attacks

Refugee situation......

European Migrant Crisis: A Country-By-Country Glance

Refugee Crisis: Hungary May Deploy Military to Southern Border, Says PM Viktor Orban

New Obstacle for Refugees: The Greek Coast Guard

Abbas: Let Palestinian Refugees in Syria Into West Bank

Israel's Netanyahu Rejects Call to Take in Syrian Refugees

Austria, Germany Open Borders to Migrants Offloaded by Hungary

Wealthy Gulf Nations Are Criticized for Tepid Response to Syrian Refugee Crisis

Australia to Take More Syrian Refugees, Wants 'Security Response'

Thousands of Swedes Rally in Support of Refugees


September 14th Meeting will be interesting...

“I would go by sea if I could” Grim reality of Syrian stranded in Lebanon

The thread from Jenan mentioned yesterday to key an eye out for.....

BREAKING — UK PM Cameron: Britain will take in up to 20,000 Syrian refugees directly from refugee camps

N-VA MEPs want to change EU dir 2004/83 to cut benefits for refugees + qualifyTurkey as "safe" to send back refugees

Refugees per 1,000 people Lebanon: 232 Jordan: 87 Turkey: 11 Canada: 5 Germany: 2.4 UK: 1.9 Australia: 1.4 US: 0.9

Riot breaks out overnight at migrant detention centre in Valencua, eastern Spain

poland gets 4th biggest eu quota under juncker. in election campaign. last week rajoy said he'd take <3k. he's getting that x 5

Cypriot Interior Min Hasikos says "prefers" Christian refugees not Muslim. What a moron.

Train full of refugees stopped by police in Rodekro, Denmark. Not yet clear what happens next.

One Syrian man says he was pepper sprayed on Danish train. Women with him crying because of what happened. Witnesses confirm.

Train with more than 60 refugees stopped by police at Rodekro, Denmark. All Europeans out. Buses coming. No one seems to know where.

Rajeh Abdul Khaleq, Syrian, pepper sprayed by Danish police on train at Rodekro

Danish police just pepper sprayed refugees on train at Rodekro. Ordered Europeans off train. Locked in refugees.

Syrian refugee says this Danish police officer sprayed him on train now stopped at Rodekro.

Hollande confirms France will take 24,000 refugees as part of revamped EU relocation scheme. published numbers this morning. Kudos.

Syria today. 
I'd do anything to get to Europe too.

government arrests Al- member over bombing via

no binding quotas = no schengen - hollande

EC plan: States to receive €6K euro for each refugee. Italy, Greece and Hungary would get €500 per refugee who leaves

as pointed out to me earlier this is relocation from Hungary Italy n Greece

Two refugee centers burned down in Germany last night, several ppl wounded

Surprised by how many people are surprised that Italy doesn't have its quota in a scheme to relocate refugees FROM Italy to elsewhere in EU.

Spanish government warns it has no more resources to deal with asylum seekers

Slovak Pres says quotas won't end but refugees must be welcomed. Compassionate speech

All this talk about Britain bombing as solution to all I have to say is "no way" + ur media,u can dream