Saturday, September 12, 2015

Morning Alert ( September 12 , 2015 ) - First Look At The Major Items Of The Day ............ Global Refugee Situation ( Discussion , Analysis , Search For Solutions ) ........ Greece ( Recent Polling Ahead Of September 20th Snap Election , Greece Domestic Politics , International Politics Touching Upon Greece , MSCI Relegates Greece From Developed To Advanced Emerging ) ...... Broader Europe ( News and Views Touching Upon Spain , UK Labor Leadership Result , Ukraine )

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Refugee Crisis ........

The Breaking Point? Germany's Asylum System Struggles to Cope via

Today is the day everyone! European Day of Action  

OIC to discuss Syrian refugee crisis: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will hold an em...

Blocked at the border: We met the refugees prevented from continuing their journey into Europe

Alarming number of say they were beaten on some of the Greek Islands, including this elderly .

Caroline Lucas made a point about the refugee crisis that most ignore

The turmoil of today's world: leading writers respond to the refugee crisis

Good morning from Berlin. The mood is beginning to turn in as a new wave of up to 40,000 refugees expected to arrive this weekend.

The responses among European nations to the refugee crisis offer a picture of a continent in deep disagreement:

Some 90,000 Londoners to attend Saturday rally in support of

4M(!) Syrian refugees. US will take mere 25K more. Saudis take none. Where's the generosity?

FAQs: Syria’s War, Children, and the Refugee Crisis via



490BC–Battle of Marathon: Athenians and their allies, defeat the first invasion force of

: ALCO/ Poll
Syriza 25.4% ND 24.7 GD 6.4 KKE 6.2 PASOK 5.1 Potami 4 CU 3.9 LAE 3.4 ANEL 2.6

poll GPO 11/9:
Syriza 26% NewDem 25.8 GoDawn 6.5 Pasok 6 KKE 5.7 Potami 4.4 PopUnity 3.6 CentUn 3.3 Anel 3 Others 1.3 UNDECIDED 14.4

Metron for
SYRIZA 31.7 ND 31.3 G Dawn 6.2 KKE & Centr Union 5.9 Potami 5.5 PASOK 5.2 Pop Unity 3.3 Ind Grks 3 Other 2

ProRata for

SYRIZA 28.5 ND 23.5 G Dawn 6.5 KKE & PASOK 4.5 Potami 4 Cent Union 3.5 Pop Unity & Ind Grks 2.5 Undec 17.5

Dijsselbloem and Moscovici on ahead of meeting ►

EIB head presents 'Action plan for Greece' with funding for projects

's bond yields drop toward 2015 low on election optimism.

Dijsselbloem says did not discuss restructuring of 's debt today, "we plan to do it later in the autumn".

Broader Europe.....

As expected , Corbyn has prevailed in Labor Leadership contest....

How Jeremy Corbyn went from the no-hope candidate to the brink of victory

The leadership result to be announced soon. Livestream ►

Glencore, the commodities titan, is shedding mining assets in Zambia and DRC. Why?

An in-depth look into Ukraine's gas sector reforms

Weighs Transaction Tax as France Pushes for Wider Base. Sapin reportedly says more to come in October.

Ukraine’s finance minister says no plans to become premier in future