Sunday, September 13, 2015

Economic And Political News , Data And Views For Sunday ( September 13 , 2015 ) ......... Greece Special Updates ( Polling ahead of Sept 14th Debate , Snap Election Items / Domestic Politics / International Politics -- Touching On Greece ) ......... Broader Europe In Particular Focus ( EZ Politics , Spain , Germany , Ukraine , UK , Italy - Items Of Interest ) ...... Refugee Situation ( Updates Of The Day ) ....... Asia Spotlight ( Malaysia , China And Japan In Focus )

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poll BridgingEurope 11/9

Syriza 27.4 ND 20.5 PopUn 6.5 GD 6.5 KKE 5.5 Potami 4.9 Pasok 3.2 CeUn 2.3 Anel 2.2 Other 4.5 UNDECID. 16.5

poll projection [-]:
Syriza 31 ND 31 PASOK 8 GD 7 KKE 6.5 Potami 4.5 LAE 4 EK 3 ANEL 2

ND's Meimarakis says MoU with creditors is 's "last chance". Says country needs a govt that is ready to fulfill country's obligations

Six polls published today show a narrow lead of 0-0.7 pp for over New Democracy, G Dawn in the 3rd place (>6%).

Election Watch: 24 parties and coalitions apply to contest Greek election - has the rundown

ECB's Coeure: could reinstate waiver if program compliance.

Broader Europe

. Added to the GDP performance chart: Since Euro introduction is bottom of the league.

's 5-Star Movement grows up with youthful new leader after 10yrs of econ stagnation.

Overshadowed by Europe's twin dramas over refugees &Greek debt, debate is bubbling up over how to strengthen Eurozone

Castellón’s “airport with no planes,” a symbol of Spain's overspending, under EU investigation

Significant progress made on at four Foreign Ministers meeting in Paris ~


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Interesting & broad range of views on victory in this piece


. surely has to lower debt load. Any bankruptcy mechanism for members could help.

will back sharing bank risk only if govts 1st proved they were ready to share more responsibilities as well.

Refugee situation.....

In detail: UNHCR proposals for the managed EU response to the refugee crisis: via

'The Czech Republic has put in place border controls at the Austrian border' the end of Schengen?

Germany closing borders Today, Hungary closing borders on Monda, midnight. Coordinated end of

Don't think Hungary PM doesn't want these pics 2b seen. The dogs & army are at the border 4 media show.

The new razor wire fence on Hungary Serbian border, patrolled by army w dogs.

shock: halts trains from Austria, introduces controls

Updated: calls for dialogue with on

Merkel urged for the need to solve crisis in Syria as the number of refugees reach a new record in Hungary

New migrant tragedy off as Athens dismisses criticism

At least 10 refugees die after boat capsizes near Farmakonìssi . Death toll may rise.

: $4 billion a year in aid needed to manage

BREAKING: Austria's Chancellor Likens Hungary's Refugee Policy to Nazi Deportations - NBCNe...

Hungarian Police Register Record 4,330 Migrants on Saturday

Munich 'at limit of capacity' for refugees as 12,000 arrive in one day

Plans to relocate asylum seekers has Eastern Europe fuming

EU Floats Deficit Rules Easing as Refugee Crisis Costs Soar.

How the worst since WWII is dividing Europe:



Witness Malaysia's Sublime Beauty Across 13 States In This Gorgeously Shot Video

Businesses in Petaling Street to close on Sept 16


China's Economy Continues To Crumble As Key Data Is Worst In 15 Years

Beijing on a perfect late summer / early autumn day. Nothing better than biking through the hutongs to Houhai.

's currency devaluation "intensified investors’ concerns about growth prospects." - in contrast to IMF

China Manufacturing Output Grew 6.1% Y/Y in August, Est. 6.4%

Reforming SOEs is of paramount importance because they have been driving the Chinese non fin corporate leverage boom.

The ability to stimulate REAL activity via more credit creation has shrunk in China (as it has had in the US)

we all know China role in steel, but it is stunning that Global Steel output excl China has been flat for 25 years.

Annual growth rate of China real exports: 1995-2001: 11.5% 2002-2007: 25.4% (WTO effect years) 2010-2013: 9.4% 2014-2015: 3.5%

With China’s share of global industrial output now 30% (up from 7% im 2000) market share gains will be harder to achieve going forward

Small hints from daily life in China can give you an idea about the future of the world’s second-largest economy

It's easy to forget China’s modern economy was built on a solid, low-tech manufacturing sector

Inklings of rebalancing in August China data (y/y): IP: 6.1% (est 6.3%) Fixed asset investment: 10.9% (11.2%) Retail sales: 10.8% (10.6%)

Targeted stimulus is the Holy Grail of China economics. Or maybe the El Dorado, they will die trying to find it.


Vanilla sky over Tokyo

Reuters Source: BOJ board is growing increasingly concerned about diminishing policy options and the downsides of the ongoing stimulus

Japan Floods Wash Away 240 Bags of Fukushima Radioactive Waste

TV:Rain threatens Fukushima structures=Nightmare…Expert:Corium in ground, will surface if water rises—Radiation spike