Friday, September 11, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( September 11 , 2015 ) - ----- UPDATED ......Tragedy in Saudi Arabia today casts a deeper pall on September 11th....... Recollections of 9-11 ....... Refugee Crisis Updates ...... European Economic and Political Updates ..... Around the horn in Asia....

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9-11 Oddity......

Read our coverage of the of the crane collapse:

You really get a better sense of the conditions prior to the tragedy by viewing the video.......

  • BREAKING UPDATE: crane collapse death toll up to 87, 184 injured - officials

  • Other items of note.....

    Moscovici: We [Eurozone] are ready to envisage a common base for taxation, then to move to consolidation

    Japanese stock life support drawn onto some question. B of J dry powder running out.

    This probably guarantees depositors on the fence about trusting the GR Banks , keep their money elsewhere.

    Hungarian prisoners rush to finish fence along Serbian border amid refugee crisis

    Guantanamo of Europe should tell you all you need to know about treatment given to refugees..

    35.5% of Greeks thought nobody performed best in TV debate, easily beating ratings of any of 7 leaders involved. Astute political commentary

    Thousands take to Barcelona streets at Catalonia Day march to call for independence

    "They're Making Idiots Of Us!": Eastern Europe Furious At West For Doing Gas Deals With Russian Devils


    Morning Tweets.....

    9- 11 & Overview......

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    How my Polaroids of the Sept. 11 attacks led me into America's secret court system for terrorist suspects

    What happened on 9/11, 14 years ago today


    Refugee Crisis ...

    Hungarian police make fight for food at brutal (VIDEO)


    In Röszke, Hungary, volunteers give out food to new arrivals streaming in from Serbia.

    EU said nearing political accord to take in 160,000 refugees

    about time; obvious something as important as refugee crisis should be dealt with by leaders not interior ministers

    IOM doubles estimate of Syrian migrants to Greece in 2015

    Gov't delegation visits Lesvos as Athens mayor calls for action on migrants

    Economic & Political  Items......

    Catalans rally for independence from Spain

    's Nouy: Greek Banks Weakened, Need To Be Recapitalized. Currently Assessing Status Of Greek Banks. (DJ)

    Amid talk of post-election alliances, parties propose changes to bailout measures.

    Italy to raise 2016 deficit-gdp forecast to at least 2% vs. 1.8%, also slightly increase current debt forecast of 130.9% - gvt source - RTRS

    Exports jump 7% in south says ISTAT: Only Sicily and Sardinia down, by 2.9%

    Leftist veteran Glezos calls on Greeks to vote either Popular Unity or for Communists

    The debate bw (ND) & (Syriza) can easily be a tie-breaker for either, i.e. why both are ambivalent about it until now.

    On : now that he is officially status-quo, he'll have to defend bad choices while in office (econ, immigration, edu). Will be tough.

    On : after stale appearance on last debate & off-putting way of responding to Qs in yday's interview, he's his own biggest enemy.

    It didn't take long for Germany to react to Juncker’s DGS plans (turning it down). has the text here.

    Bank of sees avg price at around $50 per barrel in next 3years below market forecast

    Bank of keeps rates unch. Holds key Rate at 11% cites Increased Inflationary Risks.

    building permits shoot up by 14.7 pct in June.


    ProRata for SYRIZA 28.5 ND 23.5 G Dawn 6.5 KKE & PASOK 4.5 Potami 4 Cent Union 3.5 Pop Unity & Ind Grks 2.5 Undec 17.5

    Meimarakis calls again for ND alliance with SYRIZA

    New opinion poll by leftist newspaper gives SYRIZA clear lead over ND

    jumps above $1.13 as Fed Rate-Rise odds decline and investors continue to de-risk their portfolios.

    's FinMin Schäuble: Concerned About Global Public, Private Liquidity Levels. Says "We Are Moving to the Next Bubble." (DJ)


    Australia: down, under. FT Alphaville Is Australia an emerging market? No, but similar trouble

    After 4 RRR cuts- PBoC loosens rules on how banks report daily reserve requirement ratio, to better manage liquidity

    Chinese investment bank CICC says Beijing is set to roll out 1.5 trillion yuan of fiscal stimulus over next 3 years.

    Shanghai Comp ended nearly unchg at 3200.23 while Yuan fluctuates.

    Offshore Yuan Set for Best Week Since March as Intervention Seen

    Markets in lift-off limbo. Nikkei ends down 0.2% at 18264.22 while Yen continues to weaken a tad vs Dollar.

    Brighter German Economic Prospects Trigger Overheating Alarm

    State-owned China Resources chairman expelled from CPC for corruption, violating rules

    China Fixes Yuan Stronger After Premier Li Says "No QE" Amid Record High, Surging Pork Prices