Wednesday, September 30, 2015

MENA Report ( September 30 , 2015 ) ..... Updates on Battlefront and Political Fronts for Iraq / Syria Regional War ........ Afghanistan in the news as the Taliban take Kunduz ....... Libya Updates - Dialogue Process in focus , meanwhile death dealing continues...... Yemen Political and Battlefront news of note


Russia Begins Airstrikes Against ISIS in Syria

US Troops Fight Taliban Around Afghan's Kunduz

US Says Russian Strikes on ISIS May Begin Soon

UN-Brokered Deal May Speed Syria Disintegration

Saudis Pressured Over Civilian Deaths in Yemen

Afghans Launch Counteroffensive Trying To Retake Kunduz

Western-Backed Syrian Rebel Group Hit by Russian Air Strikes

US Warns Russia Not to Attack Non-ISIS Rebels in Syria

Pentagon Pushing to Increase Post-2016 Troop Levels in Afghanistan

Taliban's Kunduz Takeover Fuels Exodus From Neighboring Province

US Base Seen as Monument to Futility as Afghans Watch Kunduz Fall

Airstrikes Kill Civilians in North; 107 Dead Across Iraq

Putin-Obama Discussed Information Sharing on Syria: Kremlin

Obama Admin Sanctions ISIS Facilitators, Attempts to Cut Terror Group's Funding

30 Killed in Coalition Strikes on ISIS Camp in Syria on Sunday: Monitor

Turkey's Erdogan Says Over 30 Kurdish Militants Killed in Raids

US Launches Airstrike on Kunduz in Northern Afghanistan

What Led to the Fall of Kunduz?

Taliban Audacity Trumps Afghan Forces' Weak Defenses in Kunduz

Taliban Attack Airport After Seizing Northern Afghan City



Saudis making veiled threats regarding a military response based upon Russia's intervention ?

Very unclear as to what is fact versus fog of war presently.

BREAKING: Russian parliament to consider authorization for foreign combat missions

UPDATE: asks Russian parliament for permission to use troops abroad

After the Chechen-dominated Jaish al-Mujahidin wal Ansar merged last week, Nusra now has a bigger chunk of Uzbeks & Chechens in its ranks.


via a meeting to support the dialogue process in NY - no signing or names there - back from NY to Skhirat.

HoR pres. in New York: Sadly some of the permanent UNSC members are linking weaponizing the army against terror and the political dialogue

will not be a continuation of the Ckarat. Just celebrate the Protocols in the presence of the Secretary General of the United Nations and the President of the House of Representatives ....

There Will Not Be Any Voting By HoR GNC Or On The Latest Proposals By Leon -there Can Never Be Any Signing Of A Deal On Thursday In NY.

Skepticism all round - HoR seems to be slightly happier with latest proposals by Leon - GNC is definitely feeling nervous today.

A day on a refugee rescue ship: 'this job must be done, there must be no sinking'

Exposing the horror of the migrants trapped in Libya's militia-run detention camps:


2015 Crisis Situation Report: September 29

Saudi Arabia announced interdiction of -ian ship supplying with weapons

Don’t Call It a Comeback, ’s Been Here for Years | on

: Death toll in alleged Saudi airstrike on Yemen wedding rises to 135. Ban Ki-moon condemns bombing

accuses Iran of pursuing its destruction:

For 3rd time in 10 days, Saudi-led bombers kill many civilians but Saudis oppose investigation