Monday, September 28, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( September 28 , 2015 ) ...... Europe In Focus ( VW debacle items of note for Monday , Russia looks to Middle East due to Sanctions by West , Greece economic items of note , Glencore absolutely keenhauled today - stock down 27 percent from Friday , Spanish Regional Election follow ups , EZ news of note ) ....... E.M/ Asia & Commodities Update ( Glencore , China in focus , Commodities in focus , Iran item of interest , commodity bust hitting wallets of oil prodcers hard )


Spanish PM Rajoy offers Catalonia “dialogue” within bounds of law after

Spain 10-year govts ending 9 basis points lower after separatist parties rack up just 47.9% of vote. Spread vs Italy tightens to 18 bps.

List of Eligible Collateral Still Includes Debt, BBG reports, citing daily updated website.

Volkswagen scandal: German prosecutors launch investigation into former boss

Did we all throw the towel in on ? Down another 6.8%

Turns to Arab States, Others, to Offset Sanctions

Less than 34,500 refugees & migrants arrived in by sea last year, according to . This year, the figure has reached 375,000

Overhaul of energy market among tasks looming for government.

's NBG looks at ways to boost capital, no decision yet -source via

seeks alternative to power grid sale -energy minister via

$13 billion gone in a month - Glencore in Freefall as Analysts See Tougher Restructuring


Seven reasons Volkswagen is worse than Enron -

election 2015: Five ways of interpreting the results of the Catalan elections | EL PAÍS

E.Macron is still pushing the case for a deeper integration in the eurozone: Fiscal Transfers by a common EZ treasury

Catalan Pro-Independence Vote Augurs Further Uncertainty for Spain via

Ivan Glasenberg down to his last £1bn in Glencore shares (was £6bn-ish once upon a time).

FTSE 350 mining index = lowest since December 2008

'Brand Germany' damaged as CDS prices of Germany Inc highlight.

Spain bond yields fall after Catalan separatist parties fall to win 50% of vote. Spanish 10-year govt bond yields -4 bps

Emerging Markets , Commodities & Asia .....

There falls Gazprom. It may end by -4% today on "tax" decisions.

US Futures Resume Tumble, Commodities Slide As Chinese "Hard-Landing" Fears Take Center Stage

Oil price shock take 2: Saudi Arabia withdraws tens of billions of overseas funds from global asset managers


| Worries grow that 's slowdown will hurt Japanese companies - Nikkei -

may release more policies in the following months to achieve 7% GDP target - Economic Information Daily -

Swiss competiton regulator announces probe of metals market trading. Names UBS, Barclays, HSBC & more

’s Aug. Industrial Companies’ Profit Falls 8.8% Y/y (3rd straight decline; largest decline since 2011)

Looks as if BoJ will start another accommodation. BoJ's Kuroda: “Further momentum needed to achieve 2% price target.”

New week starts w/ kind of risk-off attitude: Nikkei closes down 1.3% at 17645.11 while Yen strengthens vs Dollar.

Iran Seeks $150 Billion to Target 8 Percent Annual Growth

Kremlin Said to Urge Basel III Delay as Economic Crisis Deepens

China blames plunging industrial profits on exchange rate losses, weak stock markets, falling prices and rising costs. Aka a "hard landing"

Saudi Arabia withdraws up to $70bn from overseas funds to cut deficit as default prob doubled