Friday, September 25, 2015

MENA Report ( September 24- 25 , 2015 ) - Syria In Focus ( Notice how suddenly with Europe swamped with refugees , the West has come around to talking with Assad and a political solution to ending the Syrian War ? ) ....... With Eid holiday underway , slower news-flow - Recent updates pertaining to Iraq , Yemen and Libya and related Refugee Crisis to consider !

For those who celebrated  , may you have enjoyed a pleasant Eid al-Adha Festival



Pentagon Admits: US Gear in Qaeda's Hands

British Think Tank Complains Russia Might Harm al-Qaeda in Syria

Syria Claims US-Russia Tacit Deal on Ending War

White House: Next Week's Meeting Proves Putin 'Desperate'

West, Turkey Warm to the Idea of Talks With Syria's Assad

Syrian Army Uses New Russian Jets to Strike ISIS in Aleppo

Unclear if US-Russia Interests Overlap in Syria: Pentagon

Israel Military Says It Is Coordinating With Russia on Syria

Merkel Says Assad Must Have Role in Syria Talks

Assad May Take Part in Syria Transition, Erdogan Says


ISIS Bombs Mosque in Yemeni Capital, Killing 29

Saudis Seek to Fend Off UN Inquiry on Yemen


US, Iraq Push Each Other to Do More Against ISIS

Iraq's Stalemate Over Baiji Refinery Leaves Mosul Offensive in Limbo

At Least 38 Killed in Iraq Battles and Bombing

Refugee Crisis.....

We Met Syria's War Refugees: 7 Awful Things They Told Us

Lack of EU Migrant Strategy Reignites Serbia-Croatia Tensions

Austria Says It Has Sent Over 5,000 Migrants Back to Other EU Countries

Syrian Refugee Tripped in Hungary Fights Unfounded Accusations of Extremist Ties



Most CIA-backed rebels in Syria ‘anti-American, anti-Western and anti-democracy’ (Op-Edge)

Syria: As the West dithers, Putin makes his move


"Liberation of Mosul will have to be done by Iraqi army & local tribes" tells

Iraq: Yazidis turn to international court against ISIS

Military Analyst Again Raises Red Flags on Progress in Iraq


This documentary about the milita-run migrant and refugee camps in Libya is pretty alarming


After a first blast, a second suicide bomber detonated an explosives belt

The Middle East is prone to “wars of confusion,” the latest example being Yemen: