Sunday, September 13, 2015

MENA Report ( September 13 , 2015 ) .... Iraq / Syrian Regional War in focus - Turkey items of note also examined ...... Yemen Regional Proxy War in focus...... Libya in Focus - HoR and GNC Talks still ongoing and agreement still seems down the road , if achievable.


Airstrikes Taking Heavy Toll on Yemeni Civilians

Iraq Backs Turkey's PKK War, Wants Coordination

Syria: Are Russians Coming to Assad's Aid?

House Seeks Pentagon Briefing on ISIS Allegations

20 Yemen Civilians Killed as Houthis Rockets Hit Market

US Drones Kill 15 Pakistani Taliban in S. Afghanistan

Battles and Executions Leave 283 Dead Across Iraq

Shelling of Syrian Capital Kills 5, Wounds Dozens

Frustrated Migrants Blame US for Their Predicament

Sadr and Sistani Seek Turks Release as 72 Are Killed in Iraq

Bombs Kill 13 Iraq Kurds in Anti-ISIS Operation

Russia Tells Washington: Talk to US Over Syria or Risk 'Unintended Incidents'

Russia Calls on World to Back Syrian Military

Obama Says Russia's Involvement in Syria Indicates Assad Is Worried

US Says Ordnance Used by ISIS Shows Traces of Chemical Agents

August 'One of Bloodiest Months' for Syria's Eastern Ghouta: MSF


Iraq/Syria /Turkey

OPINION: Why has gone soft on ’s ? Columnist Raed Omari writes

Updated: calls for dialogue with on

Merkel urged for the need to solve crisis in Syria as the number of refugees reach a new record in Hungary

calls on to coordinate its strikes on militants

's first air base in would change the rules of the game in the Middle East

10 year paper expected to yield double digits. Citi, DB, JPM are underwriters. Will be Iraq's first deal since 2006

Influx of asylum seekers from Syria, Iraq to Europe stirs Afghans to join exodus (AFP pic)

Turkish forces declare curfew in Kurdish city after deadly clashes with PKK

Six major reasons why 's war with the cannot be sustained


ATTACKS on Sanaa resume. Coalition missile strike six times in one hour on capital.

Yemen's exiled government pulls out of peace talks with rebels

BREAKING: : the Popular Resistance backed by Saudi-led coalition launched a massive operation to liberate Marib

Yemen's exiled govt sets conditions for joining peace talks


Yes, no deal is final until approved through a vote by both the HoR and GNC. Anything before that is just possible consensus.

UN Libya envoy says rival governments reach 'consensus'

The GNC's demands are difficult to meet and the HoR is not willing to compromise - Leon's last push facing difficult issues.

Issue of senior military posts remains sticking point for 's dialogue- HoR likely to refuse recent amendements to initialed agreement.

: House of Representatives not happy with what happened in Morocco over last 2 days-Leon likely traveling to in hrs.

likely that the House of Representatives might refuse Leon's latest proposals due to changes to the initialed agreement.

Leon: We have reached an agreement & granted the GNC 48 hours to nominate its candidates for the Gov of National Accord.

Leon says all work on the peace plan done & it's now up to HoR and GNC to vote on - he is confident it'll get backing.