Saturday, August 8, 2015

MENA Report - August 8 - 9 , 2015 - Iraq / Syria Regional War Updates - Involvement Of Turkey Complicating matters and Turkey's Focus On PKK Will Be Controversial ..... Yemen Proxy War Updates - not apparent progress being made as to wrapping up death dealing from the air , destruction of the country ..... Iran in focus - more just nuclear talk situation to consider here .... Libya updates - peace talks , chaos in country , ISIS watch , Qaddafi loyalists raising their heads too ..... AF- Pak item of note !


Obama Legal Strategy for ISIS Fight Gets Blurry

ISIS Executes 300 Election Commission Workers

Saudi-Led Friendly Fire Kills 20 Yemeni Allies

Suicide Bomber Kills 29 in Northern Afghanistan

Taliban Bombings Pound Afghan Capital, 50 Die

Taliban Bombings Pound Afghan Capital, 40 Die

Schumer's Opposition Not Likely to Kill Iran Deal

Pentagon Downplays Failed Syrian Rebel Training

240,000 Killed, Mostly Combatants, in Syrian Civil War

Pentagon Rethinking Syrian Rebel Training Strategy

ISIS Kills 37 Rival Syrian Insurgents in Battle for Key Supply Lifeline

IAEA Won't Give US Congress Confidential Docs on Iran Deal
Israeli DM Slams Iran Deal, Talks Up Killing Scientists

After Iran Deal, New Interest in Engaging Syrian Govt

ISIS Captures 230 Civilians in Central Syria After Taking Town

326 Killed in Iraq; Civil Servants Executed in Mosul

UN Council Sets Stage for Inquiry to Lay Blame for Syria Gas Attacks

Four Kurdish Protesters Killed in Southeast Turkey

109 Killed in Iraq as Gov't Confirms Mass Executions in Mosul

Iraqi Clerics Incite Protest Against Government Corruption

UN Council Sets Stage for Inquiry to Lay Blame for Syria Gas Attacks

White House Remains Certain Congress Will Fail to Block Iran Deal

Iran Quds Chief Visited Russia Despite UN Travel Ban: Iran Official

PKK Affiliate in Iran Claims Deadly Attack on Military Outpost

Pakistan Condemns US Drone Strike in North Waziristan

Pakistan Upbeat About Afghan Peace Process

Iraq /Syria .....

Anbar province council: 70% of the infrastructure and government institutions in the province have been destroyed.

: 34,375 foreign anti-Assad fighters KIA / 3,304 pro-Assad foreign fighters KIA, 903 Hezbollah fighters KIA

Iran's Suleimani to Moscow. Syria's intel chief Ali Mamlouk to Saudi. Syrian FM Moallem to Oman. Hmmm....what's up? Feelers on Syria deal?

The Pentagon spent $41 million on 60 Syrian fighters that are now somewhere in Syria.

we have proposal & initiative for :Saudi wants militias out, UN monitored elections, Iran seeks ceasefire then unity gov

Al-Hayat story : 1-progress in Saudi-Russian talks 2-Assad is sidelined, didn't know about Mamlouk visit 3- militias not Iran problem

"We Have A Civil War": Inside Turkey's Descent Into Political, Social, And Economic Chaos

Airstrikes Against Turkey's Kurdish Militants in Iraq are killing Also Civilians

'Almost quarter of a million people' dead in Syria war

What's US really doing at 's Incirlik Air Base? -

Cordesman: ISIL is only one element of the war Iraq and Syria:

'We've Had road': Baghdad protests over Corruption, poor services challenge Iraq 's prime Minister

"What will hurt IS most is not opening bases to US planes, but fully blocking IS smuggling over our borders"

Syria chemical attacks • inquiry gets Unanimous support at UN Security Council

Libya .....

Yesterday, ns protesting over bread and electricity crises outside 'Dawn Govt' HQ and in 's sq Algeria

Italy arrests five men over Libya migrant shipwreck, which led to the drowning of 200 people

The Islamic State's Burgeoning Capital in Sirte, Libya - important study by

'What country are you talking about?' US envoy slammed for rose-tinted Libya views

Photos from y'day rallies by Qadhafi loyalists in 14 -n cities & towns demanding the release of Seif al-Islam.


As -led war escalates, “the world is failing

Saudi Arabia & Allies' escalation of Yemen war Takes a toll on the country -

Eight members of one family dead bcz of landmine in Lahj! How was this not preventable!?

Iran has its hands full with Islamic State. What is it doing in Yemen?

Humanitarian work at its best - medics saving lives across north-south frontlines

Access Constraints Map as of 7 August 2015 by

What does the future hold for Yemen? We talk with resistance fighters in Aden:

Kabul - Afghanistan .....

Deadliest day in the Afghan capital for past eight months as bombings kill 51

Afghan Chief Executive vows revenge for deadly attacks in

claimed responsibility for a deadly attack on a military base in capital, the night before.FP

Afghan policemen stand guard at a market destroyed by a powerful truck bomb in Kabul. AFP Photo: Shah Marai


Interesting article on Suez Canal. Helps explain Iran's support of Houthis in Yemen. Target Egypt

's FM is the latest high ranking OFCL to visit Tehran post . Bilat Iran-Italy trade was €7 B in 2011.

Iran nuclear deal could help India boost business, writes

TehranTimes: hopes to improve bi-lateral trade with from 357 $million last year...