Sunday, August 9, 2015

Special Greece Report ( August 9 , 2015 ) - Updates on Third Bailout Talks ( EU Officials to review progress , Finland may pass on participation of Third Bailout for Greece , Left Platform comment and other political commentary related to 3rd B.O Talks ) , Debt Divide - and not just for Greece , Refugee / Migrant situation in focus , IMF item of note , Odd & Ends



The village of Oia in Santorini, Greece

Efforts are being made to conclude the negotiations, the horizon is by Monday night or early Tuesday: gov't official ~

Finland Throws Support Behind Greek Bailout It Says Won’t Work via Really hard to call this "support ".

"RPT-Regulators start #Greek# bank tests, aim for speedy capital boost:...." (via reuters) ...

Bailout bill will hv 2 articles; 1 article will be loan agrmnt & the MoU & 2nd article will be the prior actions": offcial ~

chairing meeting to discuss negotiations, FinMin + EconMin to meet 'quartet' at 14.00

Summer Sunday Thoughts Banks & not tanks wreaking havoc & destroying today. See my blog.

EU officials to review progress in Greek bailout talks

Finnish Foreign Minister Timo Soini: Finland could stay out of a planned third bailout deal for Greece

Staggering 750% increase in refugees & migrants arriving in compared to 2014.

1/2 Fin Ministry denies reports DepMin Steffen demanded @ EWG conf call that tackles migrants crisis bfore loan agrmnt

2/2 Fin Ministry says DepMin Steffen just reminded Eurozone officials that needs to modernize public administration.

Europe's debt divide laid bare in one map

Greece's real problem is its private sector:

Tsakalotos & Stathakis meeting with quartet again today. Stathakis says reports of deal on 3rd bailout being close "may be accurate"

White House Meeting to Discuss Financial Aid to Greece

Greece Says It Can’t Handle Migrants; UNHCR Calls Crisis ‘Shameful’ via

A Dutch couple on holiday in Lesbos decided to stay there and help refugees

| CDU/CSU whip Kauder threatens MPs that didn't vote for bridge loan & ESM loan talks w exclusion from Bundestag Committees

FinMin Tsakalòtos & EconMin Stathakis meet w the Institutions again now. Main issues: Fiscal targets and Privatizations Fund.

Pressure builds on Greece to reach deal as deadline creeps closer

The question must be asked: why does the exist, and for whom?

FinMin Tsakalotos & EconMin Stathakis and the 'Institutions' have reportedly agreed on the prior actions

Greece is racing to wrap up its third bailout agreement by as early as Tuesday

27 powerful pieces of graffiti that capture Greece's frustration with austerity

Desperate migrants struggle ashore as tourists sun themselves on Greek beach