Saturday, August 8, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( August 8 , 2015 ) - Ukraine Creditor Talks for debt restructuring head into a decisive phase with Talks set for San Francisco on August 12 , 2015 ...... Greece in Focus - Creditor Talks moving along - possible deal next week , Economic impacts for ongoing financial crisis , Refugee crisis increasing in intensity for Greece ..... Italy - the next crisis flash point after Greece ? Linda Yueh and Holger Zschaepitz explain why .....


Sunday Updates....

Major changes in Ukraine's govt coming next month

Ukraine, Greece, and Argentina are all examples of the failure of existing international arrangements


US Ambassador to shares photos of "Donbas roadsides" from trip to Kramatorsk & Slovyansk

's massive economic collapse - down nearly 30% from 2014 For comparison Greece is down 26% since 2008

'Last chance' as Ukraine heads for creditor talks - Bloomberg

.: 'Last chance' as Ukraine heads for creditor talks

Ukraine bonds end 6-week rally as debt talks falter, analysts bet on a worse deal than priced in --> via

Ukraine bonds tumble as renewed signs of discord in the debt talks increase likelihood of default --> via

Ukraine Creditors Said to See Latest Debt Offer as Unacceptable via

Greece .....

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FinMin Tsakalotos & EconMin Stathakis and the 'Institutions' have reportedly agreed on the prior actions

FinMin & Econ Min will meet w/ institutions' representatives at their hotel at 6pm (GR).

Draft for Greek reforms agreed, to be submitted to Eurogroup. Unclear if Germany will agree. Differences remain (FAS)

Undeclared income eg under mattresses, in foreign banks or bank vaults will be taxed up to 45%, acc to a new bill (via )

Greece, Creditors Agree on Creation of New Privatization Fund

Greek aid package ready next week - Handelsblatt

EU officials see talks with progressing well. Agreement possible next week. Wonders will never cease

With & lenders edging towards 3rd bailout, this is an excellent assessment from

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No one is addressing the issues at the heart of 's economic problems:

After Varoufakis claims, police cyber crimes unit finds no evidence FinMin database hacked for tax ID codes

Regulators start Greek bank tests, aim for speedy capital boost - excellent report via

Tsipras demands EU help on migrants via | Getty

UNHCR urges Greece to resolve refugee crisis deemed ‘shameful’ for EU member

Refugee crisis exposes the mockery of EU solidarity even more than the crisis did

Italy .....

Sunday Updates from Holger....

Prices still way too high in . Butter costs twice as much as in at same discount grocery Lidl.

No empirical evidence that Renzis labor-market reforms have boosted employment. 's youth unemployment hits high


Good Morning from , 's Next Crisis Hotspot.

is mired in : Saldi is name of the game: But prices still to high to be competitive again.

. Italy grew 4.5% since introduction of Euro in 1999 (in total), even less than (+4.6%) after their Great Depression.

Research: median Italy firm in the north produces 9.5% more per euro spent on employees than median firm in the south

Since the late 1990s, ’s productivity has been stagnant: total factor productivity fell by 7.5% over 1998-2013

Meanwhile, Italian Coast Guard saved 116 migrants from an unseaworthy boat this morn. Shaping up to be a busy day.