Tuesday, August 25, 2015

MENA Report - ( August 25-26 , 2015 ) - Iraq / Syria Regional War - Turkey , Lebanon and Jordan feeling various degrees of stress presently ..... Libya continues falling apart off to the side .... Yemen Regional Proxy War continues unabated !


Iraqi Kurds Seize ISIS-Held Villages in North

Chief of Pro-Saudi Forces: Sanaa To Be Captured In Days

Turkey 'Tipped al-Qaeda to US-Trained Fighters'

Saudis Turn Blind Eye as Qaeda Gains in Yemen

NATO Troops Back in Combat as Taliban Gains Grow

Taliban Seize Key Helmand District, Afghan Troops in Retreat

205 Killed in Iraq; Kurdish Forces Launch Major Operation

Pro-US Syrian Rebel Commander Slain in Turkey Car Bombing

Turkey and US to Launch 'Comprehensive' Anti-ISIS Attack

Saudis: Taiz a 'Disaster Area' After Houthi Shelling Kills 14 Civilians

Dozens Executed in Mosul; 106 Killed Across Iraq

Iraq's Most Fearsome Shia Militia Leader Speaks Out

Iraqi Forces Clash With ISIS in Push for Anbar

Al-Qaeda Abducts Kurdish Commander Near Aleppo

ISIS Accelerates Destruction of Antiquities in Syria

Anti-Government Protesters March in Central Beirut

How Piles of Trash Led to a Violent Uprising Against the Lebanese Government

Two Soldiers Killed After Convoy Hits Explosives in Southeast Turkey

Saudi-Led Airstrikes in Yemen Ramp Up as Allies Push North

US 'Deeply Concerned' Over Air Raid on Yemen Port

Iraq / Syria / Turkey / Lebanon  and Jordan

Leader Of Suqur al-Ghab Jameel Raadoun Assassinated In , - Report

Severe water shortages affecting millions in war-torn

U.S. works with Turkey on but is wary of its politics via

Gen Suleimani showed up at meet of National Alliance to tell them not to prosecute Maliki

Schizophrenic Iraqi govt forces wrapped up in Fallujah-Anbar op now heading west towards Hit & falling for IS diversionary hits on Baiji

Is Nusra cooperating with Syrian opposition to support establishing safe zone on - border?

should establish defense cooperation framework between and select Arab states

“Arab tribes are ready to fight with FSA to free A-Raqqa from Islamic State,” FSA tells us.

Arabia's fiscal deficit will widen to 15% of gdp amid price drop, social/ defence spending, ,

brothers die on the same day, one a soldier fighting in and the other an suicide bomber.


Slovak PM Fico: “I only have one question: Who bombed Libya? Who created problems in North Africa? Slovakia? No”

: We've been able to delivers aid to thousands of displaced as conflict rages

Fight against IS requires restructuring, retraining and re-equiping army says PM candidate Rugibani -

Productive meeting of donors & agencies to co-ordinate int'l support for future unity Gov't of


BREAKING: military reinforcements deploy in direction of al-Harth region bordering

. suspended activities in 's Aden after gunmen raid

The Saudi-led offensive against rebels in Yemen has lost its initial momentum.

: More than 1.3m people have been forced to flee their homes