Saturday, August 15, 2015

MENA Report ( August 15-16 , 2015 ) Iraq- Syria Regional WAr In Focus , Turkey Being Drawn In - Even as PKK And Domestic Political Struggles Come To The Forefront ..... Iran Nuclear Deal - Political Battles In US Coming Into View..... Libya Chaos And ISIS Turmoil In Plain View !


Air Strikes Near Damascus Kill 110 People

Iraq Commanders Face Trial Over Loss of Ramadi

ISIS Kills 150-200 in Libya Opposition 'Massacre'

Iran Gives IAEA Info on Past Nuclear Activities

ISIS Kills 150-200 in Libya Opposition 'Massacre'

US Airstrike Kills 8 Civilians in Northern Syria

Elections Loom as Turkey's Minority Govt Fails

US: Iraqis 'Halfway Through' Surrounding Ramadi

Former Bush National Security Adviser Endorses Iran Deal

Calls for Peace, But Pro-Saudi Yemeni Govt Seeks Win

Syrian Kurdish Militia Claims 5,000 More Fighters Recruited

Hastily-Planned Visit to Syria Protests Had Long-Term Consequences

PKK Warns of 'Heavy Price' as Six Killed in Turkey Fighting

Major Attack in Baiji; 99 Killed Across Iraq

262 Killed, 228 Wounded in Iraq Bombings, Battles

Iraq's Top Shi'ite Cleric Calls for Reforms to Start With Judiciary

Syrian Planes Strike Hospitals in Rebel Northwest, Killing 11: MSF

The Woman Who Betrayed an ISIS Chief

The Woman Who Betrayed an ISIS Chief

Iran Battle Heats Up in Senate

Russia Denies Hosting Top Iranian Commander



Abadi's momentous gambit against political corruption in "with Grand Ayatollah Sistani's absolute support"

Russia, Iran FMs to Discuss Bilateral Relations, Syria on Monday / Sputnik International

Discussion: Turkey/Kurdish Situation | August 15, 2015

U.S. officials say they suspect ISIS used mustard agent against Kurdish fighters in Iraq:

Germany to Pull Missile-Defense Units and Soldiers Out of Turkey

U.S. sees possible pattern in ISIS chemical attacks in and via

Turkey Hit by Wave of Attacks as It Continues Mideast Military Strikes -

The Kurds' chance of peace in Turkey is being blown apart. Is de-escalation still possible?

As conflict in Turkey grows, so do tensions in Berlin: Germany is home to about 3 million people of Turkish or...


| says Misrata was behind the Salafist uprising in . -based Misratan militias are at war against Salafists.

Secretary General of Arab League calls on International Community and Arab Countries to stop in .

Breaking: At least 40 illegal migrants dead, 300 rescued off Libya -- reports

The latest on 's brutal crushing of the Salafist uprising in 's (according to Twitter accounts):

IS seizes Sirte’s District No 3, executes locals, burns local medical centre: report -