Sunday, August 16, 2015

Economic News , Data & Views ( August 16 , 2015 ) ..... Greece In Focus ( With The Third Bailout Reached Between Greece and The Institutions Sans IMF At This Time - Next Focus Will Be Greece's Implementation Of Agreed Reforms and October Debt Relief Talks With The IMF ) ...... Broader Europe ( Finland And Italy In Focus ) ...... Emerging Markets Items Of Note ! .


Another day, another beach🏻

Tough Road Ahead for Greece, Eurozone After Bailout

Merkel allies warily back Greece deal as parliament vote is set

The Greek Debt Deal’s Missing Piece. Interesting overview of IMF's role from

Research: nominal value haircut of 30% on Greece debt as suggested by IMF does not bring debt-to-GDP ratio below 120%

. laureate E.S. Phelps challenges the hypothesis that has brought to its present plight

A third Greek bail-out has been given the green light

Greece looks in the doldrums even after subtracting deflation

These 2 charts (via SG) show why 3rd bailout will again not work.

IMF says won't lend to w/out debt relief. EU creditors don't want debt relief but want IMF to lend. Standoff.

Chart of the Day #1: So you thought Greece was in bad shape...just check out Italy h/t

Broader Europe..... Italy and Finland in primary focus...

Italy's share of Eurozone's GDP fell from 18.1% in 1999 to 16.1% in 2014

Spain's share rose from 9.2% from 10.5%

Good morning from the most indebted Eurozone country. The clock is ticking ever faster.

Milton Friedman discussed with me Italy's possible exit from € even before it had entered...

RBS: 's econ outlook remains highly uncertain as country is lagging other countries on ease of doing businesses

My post on Finland, now w/ depressing comments. Major shock shd be met with fiscal tightening, apparently. I despair.

Finland's Schäubelist Stubb in 2011: "Darwinism should apply in euro zone" - EU competition doesn't equal meritocracy

Known for its enthusiastic advocacy of austerity, Finland continues to collapse with 4th year in a row of gdp falls

Emerging Market Items .....

Saudis are ready to suffer for 2-3 years to stop the shale revolution. How is Dubai real-estate doing?

Israel Growth Slows to Annualized 0.3% in 2nd Quarter

Egypt’s EGX 30 Tumbles -1.6% to Lowest in a Month. Saudi Stocks Sink -1.6% to Lowest Since April

Chinese man opens fake China Construction Bank in Lanling County, Shandong - deposits only no withdrawals