Thursday, August 13, 2015

MENA Report ( August 13 - 14 , 2015 ) Iraq- Syria Regional War Report - note the surge of violence in both Capitals ( Baghdad and Damascus ) ...... Libya in Focus - Sirte becoming a real flashpoint ...... Yemen Regional Conflict - Death dealing continues .... Iran in focus - US Congress political football !


ISIS Truck Bombing at Baghdad Market Kills 80

Obama, Congress Dispute Renewing Iran Sanctions

US Drone Strike Kills Five in Southeast Yemen

17 Killed as Libyan ISIS, Rivals Clash in Sirte

Taliban Infiltrates South Afghanistan Base, Killing 15 Police

Growing US Concerns as Turkey Escalates War on Kurds

Massive Bomb in Sadr City; 282 Killed Across Iraq

No Plan on Implimenting US-Promised North Syria Buffer Zone

Warnings of Jihadists Among Syria's Rebels Were Ignored

50 Killed in Surge of Violence in Damascus

Brief Syria Ceasefire the Result of Mediation by Turkey, Iran

Syrian Rebels Head to Moscow, But Resist Calls for Anti-ISIS Coalition

US Jets Meet Limit as Iraqi Ground Fight Against ISIS Plods On

74 Killed in Iraq Amid Reports of Chemical Bombings

Iraqi Premier Says Will Seek Mandate to Change Constitution

Iraq PM Sacks Cabinet Officials, Says Reform Drive Under Threat

Departing US Army Chief Says Iraq May Have to Be Partitioned

Some US Troops May Be Needed on Ground in Iraq: Retiring Army Chief

US Jets Launch First Anti-ISIS Syria Strikes From Turkey

Amid Surge in Deadly Attacks Around Damascus, Iran Foreign Minister in Syria on Peace Push

Switzerland Lifts Sanctions Against Iran

US Says Iranian Military Figure's Visit to Russia Violates UN Ban

House Dems Divided on Iran Deal

With Kurdish Militant Leader Sidelined, Turkey Risks Deeper Violence

Three Killed in PKK Grenade Attack on Security Outpost in Southeast Turkey



BREAKING - PKK organizes synchronous terror attacks in three cities in eastern Turkey

Why is Turkey fighting the Kurds who are fighting ISIS?


ISIS, rival Islamists clash in Libya, 17 killed

Egypt Aircraft Crashes Near Libya Border Claiming 4 Lives

The claims capturing SA-7 manpads, a tank and a Grad rocket launcher earlier today in 's

's PM revokes resignation, to remain in office

sinks deeper into despair, dysfunction -


True. Now for instance, big explosion in Sana'a, probably VBIED, but neighbors: "Meh, ISIS. Got any fuel?"

84% of pop need humanitarian assistance..21Mil+ souls..only 20% of aid funded..let that sink in for a minute.

Who Is Steering the House of Saud? by Simon Henderson for

EXCLUSIVE: UN source says Houthi rebels willing to withdraw from key Yemen cities: