Saturday, August 1, 2015

MENA REport ( And Af-PAk Items ) - August 1 -2 , 2015 ..... ISIS A Lead Story But One With Twists & Turns - ISIS Not Just A Major Factor In Iraq , But Also A Developing One For Af-Pak And A Player in Syria and Yemen ....... Iraq- Syria Regional War Updates - Involvement Of Turkey Will Further Complicate Matters , Al- Qaeda In Syria Becoming More Active and Embarrassing US Moderate Recruitment Effort ....... Yemen Updates - War Crimes Possibly Occurring as Civilian Deaths Are Off The Charts , Starvationa & Malnutrition Big Killers , Child Soldiers Not A Reported Part Of The Story , Al Qaeda A Factor In Yemen - As Is ISIS ....... Libya - State Of Play


At Least 4,693 Killed Across Iraq in July

US Intelligence: ISIS No Weaker Than a Year Ago

NATO Agrees Plan to Strengthen Iraq's Army

Taliban Rift as Omar's Son Won't Back Successor

ISIS Storms Checkpoint, Kills Seven Libyan Soldiers

ISIS Could Be the Big Winner of Taliban Leadership Crisis

Haqqani Network Denies Claims of Leader's Death

Turkey Offers Airbase for US to Fight ISIS, But With Limits

Nusra Takes Credit for Abducting US-Trained Fighters in Syria

Iraq- Syria Regional War .....

154 Killed in Iraq Friday, Including Dozens of Displaced Children

The Iraqi Fight to Take Back Ramadi Is Underway. How Long Will It Take?

Turkey Resumes Mass Shelling of PKK, Claims 190 Killed

Iraqis Vent Rage at Power Shortages, 'Corrupt' Leaders

Who's Who in the Fight Against ISIS in Northern Syria



After Basra & Baghdad, anti-corruption demos in southern Iraq. Pics of Kerbala, Samawa, Nasiriya & Hilla demos.

LATEST - Turkish military dismiss civilian casualty reports in operations against PKK camps located in Northern Iraq

Turkish strikes on PKK in Iraq kill at least 6

  • : Casualty Figures for the Month of July 2015

  • Angry protests over poor services spread across Iraq

    ’s Urges End To ’s Anti- Airstrikes On Its Territory - Report . FP


    rebel group leaves their HQ after clash with al-Qaeda

    Nusra is getting bombed by U.S yet some fools thought Nusra would welcome U.S trained rebels

    RT PeterClifford1: Update: Al-Nusra overruns Assad positions on Ghab Plain but attacks YPG & Opposition gro…

    Syrian army advances on plain after rebel offensive: monitor - Reuters UK

    Graphic shows just how simple things are in Syria right now

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    25 Syria rebels killed in failed Aleppo attack: activists

    Nusra did detain the commander of the U.S. Trained Syrian rebel force. And it's ain't sorry. .

    Al-Nusra: Sunnis would not hand the sacrifices of 4 years of war in on a plate of gold to the United States.


    Yemen's Houthis Suffer More Setbacks Near Aden: Southern Sources

    In a Yemen Hospital, Malnutrition Menaces Young Lives


    A Saudi-backed coalition may split Yemen in two—just the way Saudi Arabia wants it

    Saudi Arabia's Unconscionable War in Yemen is empowering Al Qaeda. So why is America onboard? via

    Egypt expands mission in Yemen for 6 months

    Saudi delays $274 Mil pledge asking for restrictions Houthis won't benefit from!?

    And only 15% of critical UN aid to funded + war raging + commercial blockade + no humanitarian pause + ..etc

    The problem of Child Soldiers actually worse than you think Nadwa :(

    Unconfirmed reps that vice-president & PM has arrived in Aden. Bold but welcome move if gov to get any cred on ground.

    Yemen PM returns to Aden from Saudi exile: airport source

    Affiliated Released Video Claims Attack Against Position In

    Map of access/constraints for delivery of humanitarian aid in by

    We spent two weeks in Yemen, the focal point of the Yemeni Southern Resistance:

    Saudi airstrike on Yemen residential complex has ‘all appearances of war crime’ - HRW

    unconfirmed in !?

    Bombing Leader Abdullah al-Ghaithi House In : Statement

    Initial unconfirmed reps say 2 dead & a dozen injured in ISIS VBIED attack on alFeidh mosque in Sana'a today

    is fighting in Iraq, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the United States supports in ! Why?


    So, ENI won, the Italian puppet renzi delivered. I am ashamed as an European

    "The enthusiasm of young but ill-trained soldiers hasnt been able to make up for the lack of skilled urban fighting"

    fall as turmoil disrupts deliveries

    Is India doing business with Islamic State in Libya? Congress leader Manish Tewari asks - The Times of India

    Muammar Qaddafi's son is sentenced to death by a court whose writ no longer spans all of Libya

    Why hundreds of UK troops are being sent to Libya (Reuters)

    From the face of freedom to prisoner: Libyan rape victim now in U.S. jail:

    Claims Taking A Pro- Position In Southwestern , On The Road To : Statement

    - 2 hostages among 4 detained in controlled city of are released: -n FM. FP.