Saturday, August 1, 2015

Economic News , Data and Views - ( August 1 , 2015 ) ...... All Things Being Equal , Commodities Being Slammed Has Been The Big Story Of Late ...... Broader Europe - Spain , Italy , Germany , Euro , Ruble Items Of Interest ........ Greece Items Of Note For Saturday Ukraine in focus - Restless Eastern Regions not the only ones , Debt crisis updates !


11 Red Flag Events That Just Happened As We Enter The Pivotal Month Of August 2015

Commodity Crush....With updates !

H/T - M.F.N & Eurofaultlines !

$$ - Incredibly bearish chart formation on general commodities index Ht

The hedge fund industry in crisis: multiple closures, AUM collapsing and average Jan-Jun returns down

5 charts from the week in markets: China's wild swings, commodities' slide, hottest stocks

Today Oil fell to lowest level since January. Here's chart from - a year in the life of Brent Crude

WTI crude closed at 46.88, marking biggest monthly loss since 2008. Citi expects WTI to re-test $40/bbl level.

Ruble in free fall. Ruble weakens beyond 60 per Dollar, weakest since March as Brent oil continues to drop.

Margin debt for stock markets by country. China way out of line. From Credit Suisse latest

Anyone trading Chinese stocks shouldn’t take a long lunch

Emerging Market Central Bankers Are Getting Nervous About Their Plunging Currencies

Broader Europe.....

current account surplus continues to steadily improve. Positive balance around 1% of GDP.

Generally speaking, a lot of people need to sort themselves out.

drops again below $1.10 despite specs have reduced their net short positions to 104,008 contracts.

TRouble: Ruble drops >3% in tandem w/ Brent crude oil.

: Rajoy Aims to Sway Voters With Pre-Election Handout via


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Greece, the Left and the shipwreck of the European Social-Democracy | RussEurope

A divided eurozone needs to accommodate national differences more, not a fiscal/political union. Me in

Greek Energy Minister Discusses Cooperation With Russian Ambassador

Greek Diaspora Brings Greek Crisis to the White House

Universities forced to search for funding

In our austerity-hit life... the Troika discusses with government how to achieve 3.5% Primary Surplus in 2018. Are you kidding me?

Greece May Miss ECB Payment As Germany Says Bailout Timeline Is Unrealistic

may seek up to 24 billion euros in first installment of new financial 'aid'

Bailout talks gain pace amid tensions

Burglaries and robberies accompany the financial crisis in Greece

Varoufakis: All recovery programmes on behalf of Greece, are no more than bank rescue packages

's stock market volatility limit to be cut to 20% from 30% when bourse reopens on Mon.

bank recapitalization may be conducted similarly to 2012 process, via HFSF & not (h/t )

ELSTAT estimates population to drop from 11.12 mln in 2011 to 10.85 mln in 2015 reflecting higher net # of emigrants & deaths.

Official - After 5 weeks, the Greek stock market will reopen on Mon (Aug 3).

  • Judging by capital controls plan, good job Varoufakis plan B didn't get a chance v newsletter

  • Greece Youth Unemployment 53.2% in April

    Greece begins talks for third bailout of €85bn

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    1. Post: "Troika to extend the unsustainable Greek debt by decades" -

    Source: Natixis

    1. That is the debt wall facing GREECE ! 


    Ukraine's Rivne region might start armed uprising against Kiev...

    Western - Rivne Region. Ukr. Nat. guard opened fire against local amber miners

    's Sept. 23 bond climbs above 60c/USD for first time since Feb. after creditors said to offer 5% haircut

    Our story on why talk of a 5% haircut fueled a big rally in Ukraine's bonds --> via